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Blog Jul 5, 2016

What Should You Do To Stay Safe During a Flood?


Every year, some part of Texas gets pounded with flash flooding. Most recently, Brenham, about 65 miles northwest of downtown Houston, got 22 inches of rain from May 26-27.

The current water table couldn’t handle that. And so there’s been lots of flash flooding. Around 20 people have died as a result.

So, it makes sense to know what to do when flooding is imminent and possible in your area. Check out these tips:

1. What to Do Before the Flood

First of all, you need to stay tuned in to the news. Know if your area is a possible flash flooding zone. If you have enough warning, building a sandbag wall is a good idea. Seal your basement walls with waterproof compounds.

Sometimes, you don’t even have enough notice to do that. If you have a flash flood watch, consider leaving your part of town for a friend’s or relative’s home that you know will be safe. Better your house get damaged and destroyed because you can replace that. You can’t replace your own life, or the lives of your pets or family members, though.

Turn off all your utilities also.

2. During a Flood

Let’s say you have no time to prepare. You got too busy and distracted with other things in life. Flood waters are all around your home.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Never walk in flood waters. Even just 6 inches is enough to knock a reasonably in-shape adult off their feet.
  2. If you notice a couple feet of flood water, stay out at all costs. It’s easy for it to sweep you away. And since flood water isn’t clear, you can’t see obstacles which could trip you or cause additional harm.
  3. Never drive in flooded areas. If the water can touch the bottom of your car, it can short out your electrical components, disabling your car. Not only can you not move your car, but you’ll have to pay thousands to replace it.
  4. If you have to walk through the water to get you and your family to safety, use a stick to check the ground in front of you. You’re checking for depth, firmness of the ground, and any unseen obstacles below the water. Make sure you have a pair of shoes on, as you never know what you’ll step on.
  5. Don’t touch anything electrical if you are wet or standing in water.

3. Always Get to the Highest Point Possible

If you’re trapped in your home, move to the second level as soon as necessary. Climb up to your roof where rescuers can see you, and wave your arms to make yourself easy to find.

Ideally, you’ll take preventative action. But sometimes, you get caught by surprise. Either way, with these tips, you and your family can make it safely through any flooding conditions.

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