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Blog May 3, 2012

Electric Safety Tips: Floods Part 2


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In a previous post about electric safety tips, we discussed how to prepare for an emergency, specifically a flood. Electricity is extremely dangerous in the presence of water, but following home safety tips can help to keep your family safe. Remember these electric safety tips in order to escape relatively unscathed, even if your home has flooded.

  • When flooding is imminent, turn off the electricity at the main breaker box or fuse box. Do not do this if you have to stand in water to reach the boxes! One of the most important electric safety tips is to avoid conducting electricity and water is an excellent conductor. Turning off the electricity usually involves turning off the main breaker, then flipping each circuit breaker to “off.” Alternately, you might need to pull out your main fuse and then take out each circuit fuse.
  • Unplug small and large appliances. Remember your electricity safety tips about water, and do not disconnect an appliance if you have to stand on a wet or damp floor to do so. Move large appliances, like your washer and dryer, to higher ground; alternately, you can place them on blocks as long as they will not vibrate off while in use.
  • Put plugs in toilets, sinks, and other drains. Sewage backup can be a big problem; if you know a flood is about to happen, prevent that backup from entering your house.
  • During a flood, stay out of any room where water can cover cords or electrical outlets. In particular, stay out of the basement. Bear in mind our water-related electric safety tips, and stay out of any water that may have electricity in it. In addition, stay away from any room where you can hear buzzing, snapping, crackling noises, or see sparks.
  • Stay away from electrical boxes, equipment, or appliances with water around them. If your main electrical box or meter is in danger of being covered by water, call your electric company for help.
  • One of the best electric safety tips for your family is to keep your children out of harm’s way. You can do this by making sure they stay from both indoor and outdoor electrical equipment.
  • Use as little water as possible. While this may seem counterintuitive during a flood, it is actually one of the more important safety tips for avoiding contamination. Using less water puts less of a drain on sewer lift stations, and helps keep sewage out of your home.
  • Call your electric company immediately if you see any broken power lines. Even if you follow all the right electrical safety tips, some situations require professional assistance.

Whether you have an emergency or just want low energy rates, you need a reliable electric company. To learn how you can sign up for prepaid electricity in Texas with no deposit and no money down, visit paylesspower.com today. Then check back here for more electric safety tips and look for our next post, where we will discuss what to do after a flood.

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