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Dec 22, 2020

Best Texas electricity promotions

Since the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas, rates have gone down significantly as consumers got the freedom to choose from the numerous electricity retailers that emerged as a r...

Texas Power
Dec 22, 2020

List of Texas retail electric providers

As a resident of Texas, you now have the power to choose your retail electricity provider. Whether it is for home or business use, you can now choose from the more than 70 REPs to provide you ...

Texas Power
Dec 22, 2020

Why electric companies offer energy efficiency rebates

Every for-profit corporation aims to maximize profits, yet electric companies offer energy efficiency rebates to their clients. These rebates are meant to encourage consumers to conserve energ...

Texas Power
Dec 22, 2020

7 Ways to lower my electric bill texas

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average electricity bill in the United States is $117.65, while that of Texas is $140.88. At the same time, Texans are the fifth h...

Texas Power
Dec 22, 2020

Best sources for Texas energy news

Texas experiences a constant influx of new electricity companies and an exit of failing ones because it has a deregulated energy sector. Entrants and current players have unique packages to of...

Texas Power
Dec 9, 2020

How Many Watts Does a Refrigerator Use

It is undeniable that refrigerators are a necessary appliance in all households. The convenience of having cool, fresh food in the home and not having to run to the grocery store or the neares...

Dec 3, 2020

Questions to ask electricity brokers in Texas

Most business owners understand the importance of changing electricity providers but they don’t have the resource, time and expertise to identify the best electricity deal. Additionally, the...

Texas Power
Dec 3, 2020

Texas Electricity Bill Calculator

The energy deregulation in Texas brought about the emergence of many retail electrictricity providers which then brought about competitiveness in the Texas energy market. Each electricity prov...

Texas Power
Dec 3, 2020

Texas Electricity Rates History

The history of electricity in Texas is almost similar to all other states in the U.S, until 2002 when deregulation happened and everything changed. The whole idea about electricity began in...

Texas Power
Dec 1, 2020

Average Electric Bill in Texas

What Is the Average Electric Bill in Texas? The average Texan pays approximately $0.1098 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), and uses about 1,171 kWh per month. As a result, the average monthly Texas el...

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I have been with this company for several years and have been very happy since. Even when I moved, they made my usually stressful situation very easy and carefree. I recommend them to everyone that I…

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