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Blog Apr 26, 2012

Electric Safety Tips: Floods Part 1


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When considering electric safety tips, you may not think about what happens during a flood. However, when a home has flooded, the dangers posed by electricity are very real. Whether the flood is caused by a plumbing emergency or natural disaster, it is important to remember home safety tips in order to protect your family from harm. In this post, we will focus on electric safety tips designed to teach you to meet your own electric safety needs, by making arrangements before the flood.

  • First, have an emergency kit ready.This kit should contain anything you might need in an emergency, and every family member should know its location. Contents should include:
    • Flashlight
    • First Aid kit
    • Battery-operated radio
    • Extra batteries
    • Waterproof boots or waders
    • Boots or shoes with hard soles
    • Dry wooden stick: One of the most important electric safety tips is not to conduct electricity with your hands. Keeping a dry wooden stick on hand gives you something to use to flip circuits and breakers without touching them.
    • Rubber gloves: Just as with the dry wooden stick, rubber gloves protect you from conducting electricity. They can also protect you from unsanitary conditions that may occur during a flood, and they will be useful during cleanup.
    • Necessary prescription medications:  Update this regularly, so that you do not end up with expired prescriptions during an emergency.
  • Clearly mark your electric circuit breakers and fuses. This is important for flood safety, but is also one of those electric safety tips that serves many purposes. Whether you have a short, a blown fuse, or a power outage, you will want to be able to easily identify your circuit breakers and fuses.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working. You might also consider having a back up, because you do not want to be stuck in a flood with no way to remove water.
  • Consider having a back-up generator in case the power goes out. An emergency is stressful enough, without a complete loss of power.

In our next post, we will have some electrical safety tips to help you and your family to remain safe during a flood. It is important to follow electric safety tips, to make sure you are not stuck in a bad situation. It is also helpful to have a reliable electric company, with good customer service and a solid emergency plan. To learn how you can sign up for prepaid electricity in Texas with no deposit and no money down, visit paylesspower.com today.

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