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Shocking! Electrifying Last Minute Costumes in Dallas

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This year, instead being the same old witch or ghost, your retail electric provider invites you to create a shocking Halloween costume! Wearing a costume with an “electrical” theme will let you stand out among the rest of the monsters and goblins. Most of these electric-themed costumes can be created from things you may already have at home, meaning you’ll save money as well.

Static Electricity

One of the easiest shocking Halloween costumes to create is the static electricity costume. For this costume, attach socks, handkerchiefs, underwear, stockings, and other types of small clothing items to dark clothing with safety pins. Use styling gel to spike your hair, or carry an inflated balloon, rubbing it on your hair to make it stand straight from your head.

Eco-Friendly Light Bulb

Your retail electric provider is proud to promote green initiatives and is proud to recommend a compact fluorescent light bulb costume as a shocking Halloween costume.  Wear a tight, white turtleneck and white skinny jeans or tights. Inflate several long white balloons, like those used by entertainers to make balloon animals. Tie the balloons together end to end and wrap them around your body. Use a glue gun or safety pin to attach the balloons to your clothing.

Traffic Light

One shocking Halloween costume you can create easily is a traffic light. Start with a large cardboard box. Cut out the front, 2 armholes in the sides, and a hole in the top for your head to fit through. Paint the outside of the box yellow. Cut 3 circles out of construction paper or poster board in red, yellow and green, and glue in a row on a piece of black poster board. For added effect, add curved pieces of black poster board over the top of the lights as visors.

If you are looking for fun, unique costume ideas this Halloween, try one of these shocking Halloween costumes. Your retail electric provider understands you are under budget this year!  Save money with these ELECTRIFYING costumes!

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