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What is a Pay as You Go Electricity Plan

Pay as you go electricity, sometimes referred to as prepaid electricity, is a method of paying for your electricity without the hassle or shock that is far too often associated with end-of-the-month billing. With pay as you go, you are given the freedom of paying for your electricity whenever and however you feel. This plan provides a great way to assess your overall electricity consumption and also presents the opportunity to decrease it, saving you money. At Payless Power, the goal is to deliver Texas residents energy at an affordable rate. Whether you are in Dallas, Houston, or Corpus Christi, Payless Power can give you reliable energy at reasonable prices.

Pay as you Go Vs. Contract Plan

With contract plans, also known as postpaid plans, consumers will sign a contract for electric service in order to receive service. At the conclusion of a prespecified term, individuals are given a window of time in which to pay for the consumed electricity. Sometimes initiating this kind of plan requires a credit check and an initial deposit. When the end of the month rolls around, payment for their electric service can be completed using a credit card. Failure to do so will usually result in a late fee and an announcement of impending disconnection from services which will be enforced if the bill is not paid.

Pay as you go plans are advantageous in comparison, as they require payment in order to begin service. Electricity is issued at a prespecified amount. At Payless Power, there is no deposit, credit check, or long-term contract involved. Everyone is approved and daily text or email notifications can be sent to update consumers on their usage. To pay your bill with Payless Power there are several options to choose from, as payment can be made online or by phone and even in person with cash at any Moneygram location across the country.

Benefits of Pay as You Go

There is a long list of benefits that stem from taking on a pay as you go plan. Based on the ability to set your price, customers who are looking to stay within a budget can be sure they are not outspending their allotted amount. For those looking to maximize their energy efficiency, pay as you go plans are a good means of helping to prevent waste due to the finite amount of energy provided with each payment. Perhaps the most important benefit of pay as you go electricity is its ability to remove the shock factor from opening up your bill. Based on the notifications that can be activated, consumers are able to see their level of output and can better manage their energy use to allow for savings.

How does it work

Signing up for a Texas Electricity plan is easy as Payless Power offers customers a portal on which they can get started. Simply choose the amount you of electricity you need and a load a minimum balance to begin. When your account is running low, you will receive digital alerts that will tell you it’s time to reload. You can use your phone or computer to simply pay for your next period of use and you’re done. Easy as that!

At Payless Power, the initial cost of an electricity account is $35, which goes directly toward your balance. According to information published by the US Energy Information Administration, customers who use Payless Power’s services have been found to have an electric bill that is 27% lower than the average Texas customer’s. Choosing a pay as you go plan is a great way to lower your electricity bill and increase your savings.

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Roy Joyce

Payless power has the best customer service we’ve ever experienced! We’ve never had any problems. It’s easy to put money on the account and I like being able to see how much we’re using each day. We p…

Roy J. in Dallas

Erik Loya

I really like the payment method that Payless Power uses. It is the sole reason I use Payless Power over any other electricity. I really and truely feel as if I do not have an electric bill. This pay…

Erik L. in Abilene

Amanda Fernicola

I have to say before having a pay as you go service I was accustomed to having a monthly bill and the thought of having a prepaid service was kind of scary. I thought I would give it a try considering…

Amanda F. in Fort Worth