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10 Things People Love About Living in Houston

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Living in Houston, Texas comes with a lot of pride. Be it the affordable cost of living across a vast variety of neighborhoods for all budgets, the fact that it sits within a deregulated energy market, or the fact that Beyonce and JJ Watt are the royalty of the town, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to the Texan city in droves. Check out the 10 reasons why people love living in Houston, Texas and see if the city suits your fancy.

10 Reasons Why People Love Living in Houston

1. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Houston is more affordable than comparable large cities in the US, and most notably has is cheaper to live in than Austin, making it the most appealing cost of living in Texas’ major cities. There is a wide variety of homes within the Houston real estate market to satisfy all budgets when you consider neighborhoods within or outside the loop. Plus, Houston residents spend less on their energy bills than the nationwide average due to the deregulated energy market in Texas.

2. Deregulated Energy Market

Houston lies within the limits of Texas’ deregulated electricity market, where residents have the freedom to select an energy provider from various energy companies that serve the area. Payless Power provides the best prepaid and standard energy plans with no cancelation fees and no deposit in the area. Payless Power helping people in Houston get better energy rates and save money on their average power bill, regardless of income or credit history. As a family-owned energy provider and not one of the giant energy suppliers, Payless Powers takes great pride in serving our energy customers with care and respect.

3. Professional Sports Teams

Houston sports fans have no shortage of professional teams to cheer on all year long. The city proudly stands behind the NBA’s Houston Rockets, the NFL’s Houston Texans, and 2017 MLB World Series winner, the Houston Astros. JJ Watt is Houston royalty, and don’t try to tell the locals any different!

4. Green Parks Galore

Between Hermann Park, Memorial Park and many other locally loved green spaces, Houston is truly a green city. There are plenty of nature and biking trails around the city for the young, fitness-focused population, as well as community areas within the parks with programming for all ages. Houston residents can look forward to Bayou Greenways 2020, which will improve the city’s access to trails and parks, as well as boost wildlife conservation.

5. Warm Weather Year Round

Looking to wear a light jacket in January while the rest of the country is shoveling snow and wishing for sunshine? Houston is the city for you. Many businesses in the inner loop take advantage of the weather by offering outdoor dining on large patios. During the hotter months of a Houston summer, a brief daily shower helps cool the area down.

6. Booming Job Market

The Houston job market is thriving with its loose zoning laws and the vast amount of entrepreneurial young people moving to town. The most popular industry in Houston is energy, especially as the city sits in a deregulated energy market, and if you don’t work in energy, it’s likely that your neighbor does. The Houston Medical Center draws many medical graduates to its doors as the largest medical center in the world. Other top industries in Houston are aerospace and aviation (let us not forget that Houston is the home of NASA!), distribution and manufacturing.

7. Young and Progressive Population

Life in Houston, Texas is much more progressive than the large cities of Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, resulting in a strong influx of diverse young people.  In fact, the median age of a Houston resident is a mere 33 years old. These fitness loving entrepreneurial spirits can be found at trendy happy hours within the inner loop or at boot camps in Memorial Park. Rice University, University of Houston, and Texas Southern University draw a lot of young people to the city, and certainly attract a large crowd at their football games.

8. Thriving Art Districts

You don’t have to look far to find art and culture in the many neighborhoods of Houston. Get lost in the 20 museums that span the 12 block radius of the Museum District. Bring a date to the renowned Houston Grand Opera in the Theater District. When you live in Houston, you have the ability to check a new gallery or performance space off their list every day.

9. Diverse Food Scene

As a melting pot city, Houston has a delicious international palette when it comes to its food offering. Living in Houston gives you access to world famous diverse ethnic cuisine featuring everything from James Beard award-winning chefs to local hole in the walls with combinations of flavors you can only get in Houston. And of course, Houston does barbecue like none other!

10.  Strong Fitness Community

Yes, Houston residents love to eat and drink at the plethora of hip restaurants and bars in the inner loop. But make no mistake, this city is dedicated to fitness. Houston has many outdoor trails, group classes in the studio and at the park, and even hosts  2 Ironman’s a year. When you live in Houston, there will always be a variety of opportunities for those seeking any level of physical activity.

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