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Blog Jul 23, 2018

Moving Tips: Organization for the Frugal Mover


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Summer is moving time for many of us, and without the right moving tips, moving can be a real hassle! Few of us like wasting time, energy, and money, so it is best to do your homework before you start the process, in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly and doesn’t break the bank. Here, Payless Power, a cheap electricity provider, offers some moving tips for the frugal mover.

  • Purge before you go. No one wants to move extra stuff! Have a garage sale, get rid of things on Freecycle, or give things to charity, but by all means, get rid of everything that is nonessential before you start packing. This is not only one of the best moving tips; it can also be a great way to raise money for the move.
  • Shop around. Whether you are using a moving company, or moving yourself, call several moving or truck companies to find the best rates. Look around for discount offers too; services like Groupon often offer coupons for discounted movers or supplies, and even for professional organizers who can offer additional moving tips.
  • Pack what you can, in advance. Spreading your packing out over several weeks means less stress, and less of a probability that you will need to hire professional packers. Save money by starting six weeks out, packing up seasonal items that you will not be using before the move.
  • Use multipurpose packing materials. When you are moving, packing tips are helpful, too. One tip that can save time and money is to pack breakables in linens, rather than bubble wrap or packing paper. You will not have to purchase anything special, you will get two closets packed at once, and if you plan it right, you may not even have to wash the dishes when you get to the new house!
  • Reduce your whole family’s stress. For the adults, this means planning ahead, and being as organized as possible. For the children, pack a small bag for each of them with their “essential” toys, books, blankets, and other items they find crucial for bedtime (and life in general). Pack a family bag, too, with toiletries, snacks, a change of clothes for each of you, and a first aid kit that includes any prescription medications. That way, no matter how many boxes tower over you on that first night in your new place, crucial items will be accessible.
  • Put important papers in a file folder. You may need to put your hands on things like birth certificates, passports, school records, and medical records. One of the most important moving tips to remember is to figure out what is important, and pack it separately, to travel with the family and not on the truck.

With the right moving tips and tricks, moving can be almost painless! Paying your electric bill can be painless too, with the right provider. In Texas, deregulation of utilities has given consumers the advantage of choice, and many smart consumers are choosing Payless Power. Visit the website to learn more about this cheap electric provider, and how the company can help you manage your electric expenses while you plan the budget for your new home.

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