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Blog Jul 17, 2019

9 Hurricane Safety Tips


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When looking for safety tips about hurricanes, most people think about how to protect themselves and their homes from howling winds and rising waters. However, electric safety is a big part of protecting yourself during hurricane season, and knowing the right hurricane safety tips regarding electricity can help you avoid tragedy.  Hurricane season in the United States runs from June 1 through November 30 each year, so being prepared during these months is important, whether your town faces something as dangerous as a Category 5 hurricane, or nothing worse than a tropical depression. So, what are some safety tips for hurricanes?

Be wary of metal.

When power lines come down in a storm, they can energize other lines, as well as metal fences, buildings, and mailboxes. Standing water, too, can be a powerful conductor, so use great caution and avoid any potential path for electric current.

Try not to drive in hurricane-affected areas.

One of the best safety tips about hurricanes is to stay out of their way. Driving around in, or immediately after, a hurricane can put you in harm’s way, but of course, it may be necessary to get your family to a safe area. If you must drive, watch for downed power lines, tree limbs, and other debris that may be blocking the road. Never drive over a downed power line, because it can use your car as a conductor. Stay in a safe spot and call 911.

Turn off the power to your home.

Even if the power is out, it can come back on without warning, causing a potentially hazardous situation. Before you begin assessing the damage in your home after a storm, turn off the main breaker to the home. If you can’t reach the breaker without passing through a flooded area, wait to re-enter until the water has subsided or been removed.

Use caution when cleaning up.

Of course, it’s hard to remember all the safety tips about hurricanes when you’re involved with cleaning up in the aftermath. The emotional toll of a bad storm can cause you to lose focus, but it’s important to use common sense when cleaning up after a hurricane. Wear protective gear, like hard-soled rubber boots shoes, a hard hat, gloves, and protective eyewear, and make sure there are no dangerous items or areas before proceeding with clean-up efforts.

Watch for fire.

If you have a run-in with a power line, you may end up fighting a fire. If your car is the object on fire, open the door, stand on the floorboard, and jump as far away from the car as possible, being careful not to touch the car as you exit.

Never assume a line is safe

. A power line on the ground may appear to be de-energized, but even if the power is out, never assume that to be true. Power lines can become reenergized at any moment, creating an electrocution hazard, so stay clear and do not try to move them.

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