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Blog Apr 27, 2015

The 2015 Earth Day Energy Savings Guide

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Thank goodness for Earth Day! Energy savings was an afterthought before its invention. Learn more about Earth Day and how you can save energy.

Did you know Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970? How fitting that it came at the peak of the hippie and flower-child culture.

The timing was perfect. Americans at that time guzzled gas in sedans with massive V8 engines. Industry recklessly polluted the environment without any fear of legal consequences or public humiliation. And air pollution? No one even thought about it.

Times have changed, haven’t they?

45 years later, you have technology that allows you to be more efficient than any human in history.

To help Earth out, here’s some small and simple ways you can save energy this Earth Day:

1. Empty Your Car

Bet you never thought of this one. But think of how often you carry around summer necessities in your vehicle. You drag kid’s sports equipment, chairs and blankets, and camping gear.

Hauling that extra 100 pounds costs you 1% off your fuel economy.

2. Your Car’s Oil

Changing your oil and filter per your manufacturer’s recommendations maximizes your fuel economy. Ask your servicer if they recycle oil. If they don’t, find one that does. Ask them if they have recycled oil your car can use.

3. Optimize Your TV’s Energy Savings

Today’s TVs eat up so much less energy, but they’re still not perfect. You can do two simple things to take their energy savings even further:

  • Change the “vivid” or “retail” screen brightness to “home” or “standard” and save 20% more
  • Disable “quick start” because that consumes power even when you don’t watch your TV

4. Enjoy Earth And Take a Hike!

Aren’t your children deficient in vitamin D from staying inside all the time anyways? Why not haul everyone in your home outside for a hike on a sunny day?

Not only that, but you save energy versus other types of vacations/get-togethers.

5. Download the Earth Day Energy Saving Web App

You can learn more about the app here. This app makes it simple for you to track, manage, and reduce your personal energy use. You just have to answer a few questions to start – and then you’re off to the energy savings races.

Hopefully you get a sunny Earth Day this year – and enjoy your energy savings!

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