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10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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Having trouble staying within your household budget? We here at Payless Power, your retail electric provider, want to help you reduce the money you spend on groceries each week with a few ways to save money on groceries.

  1. First, decide on a weekly grocery budget and do your best to stick with it. As you shop, try to keep a running total in your head as you put each item in your cart. If you have budgeted for $50, for example, this will help you keep from tossing those tempting treats in the cart.
  2. Coupons can be found in the Sunday newspaper, in the mail, and online. Focus on clipping the coupons that are for items you regularly purchase and need. In other words, if you get carried away and cut the coupons for more frivolous items that you don’t really need and purchase them just because you have a coupon, you really aren’t saving money in the end.
  3. You probably receive weekly grocery store flyers in the mail. Comparison shop before you go to the store, and plan your shopping trip before leaving home.
  4. Make your grocery list specific. It helps to write down the item you need, the sale price advertised and put a C next to it as a reminder that you have a coupon for the item.
  5. Stores often offer BOGO, or Buy One Get One Free items. This can be a great savings, but be sure to the check the price for one. Some stores actually raise the price of the item, so you really aren’t getting that great of a bargain!
  6. Use Internet coupon sites and the grocery store coupons found online. These coupons are often more money off ($1.00 off vs. 50 cents) and also have extended expiration dates.
  7. Some people find that they save money by doing their grocery shopping online. Check for free shipping opportunities and special offers. By not stepping foot in the store you can’t be tempted to purchase those attractive, but expensive items you don’t need!
  8. Before going to the store, check your fridge, freezer and cupboards. This will help you avoid buying things you already have. You know; those items that get pushed to the back of the cupboard or fridge! Who hasn’t bought condiments or staples only to find unopened ones at home when you unpack your groceries?
  9. Try to plan your weekly dinner menus if your family members’ schedules permit you to sit down together for dinner. If not, plan meals that can be reheated easily and that freeze well.  We all have a tendency to waste food and throw away leftovers! This will help you avoid stopping for convenience items and meals that are far more costly.
  10. Most grocery stores carry their own brand of groceries or generic labels. These are usually just as good as the name brands that spend a lot of money on advertising and packaging. There is often a huge price difference between the two, so why not try them?

With so many ways to save money on groceries, it is not difficult at all to save more than a few bucks here and there. It does take some planning time, but the effort is well worth it. Payless Power, your retail electric provider, understands how challenging it can be for young families stay within a budget and we hope these money saving tips are helpful!

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