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Moving Tips: Organization for the Frugal Mover

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For many of us, summertime is moving time. Whether it is the ease created by the school year being out or slight down periods at work, relocating in the summer can make the process a bit simpler. Unfortunately, moving can still be a hassle for those who do not possess the right moving tips. Because few of us like wasting time, energy, and money, it is best to do your homework before you start the process. Getting a better sense for the tips and tricks of moving will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you don’t break the bank in the process. Here, Payless Power, a cheap electricity provider, offers some moving tips for the frugal mover.


Have A Plan

One of the most important things to do even before boxing up any of your belongings is putting together a plan. The process of packing things up and attempting to stay organized takes time, but is key for making leaving your old place and settling into your new one easier. Take into account the amount of stuff you’re bringing with you and give yourself a time frame to get it packed up. Giving yourself more time than you think you’ll need to pack everything away is important, not only to ensure you stay on schedule should something unexpected pop up, but also to ensure you get as much as you can packed away so that you don’t have to dish out more to the movers for some help.


Purge Before You Go

Before packing up all of your things and paying for them to be relocated, lighten the load a bit by doing some pre-move purging. As you go about stowing your things away, determine which of your belongings you want to keep and which you can do without. Not only will this reduce the amount of packing required of you, it can also be a great way to raise money for the move. Consider selling your used things in a garage sale or get a tax write-off by giving them to charity. By all means, get rid of everything that is nonessential before you start packing and make the process of moving a bit easier on yourself.


Use Multipurpose Packing Materials

Among other moving expenses, having to shovel out money for packing materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts might seem like a bit of a waste. Especially for those with a lot of things to move, cut the cost of packing materials by using some of your other belongings to supplement their use. The likes of soft clothing like shirts and socks can do the same job as bubble wrap and they don’t require you to buy anything. Even towels and blankets can be used in order transport your fragile belongings safely. Be sure to still mark the boxes as fragile to alert others that they are to be handled with care.


Shop Around

Whether you plan on getting professional help or moving yourself, call several moving or truck companies to find the best rates. Discount offers may exist from services like Groupon, in which coupons can be redeemed for discounted movers or supplies. Depending on the distance of the move, alternative options may be available to enable further savings. Instead of enlisting the aid of movers for a local relocation, consider looking for rentals that offer vehicles for the short-term, possibly charging by the hour. For longer hauls, try and reach out to moving companies in the area you’re relocating to. After a drop-off, the companies may offer cheaper rates for a backhaul, so finding one to get your stuff on could present a great opportunity.


Pack What You Can In Advance

For those who know about a move well-ahead of time, start the process of packing up early. Spreading your packing out over several weeks or even months means less stress and the decreased likelihood that you will need to hire costly professional packers. Especially given the fact that seasonal changes already require many of us to pack away clothing and belongings, getting a head start will make the process easier and much less stressful. Just be sure that you label your things as you pack them away, so that when it comes time to start getting your belongings onto the truck you don’t need to start pulling items out to see which box has what. Packing in advance is a great way to save time and money.


Get Free Boxes

A common expense that is incurred during a move is the cost of boxes for packing. Especially for those with a lot of things, paying for enough boxes to store their many possessions into can add up. Luckily there is a way to skip out on that cost and that is by locating free boxes. There are a number of sources, as sometimes connecting with your workplace, local schools, or even food and drink establishments that receive a number of shipments every week could give you what you need. You can even use some of your current belongings as boxes, like travel luggage for smaller items. Every little bit counts and it will ultimately help you save some money.


Reduce The Family’s Stress

Moving always comes with unexpected twists and turns that can make the whole experience stressful. For families, it is important to reduce that by as much as you can. For the adults, this means planning ahead, and being as organized as possible. For the children, pack a small bag for each of them with their “essential” toys, books, blankets, and other items they find crucial for bedtime (and life in general). Pack a family bag, too, with toiletries, snacks, a change of clothes for each of you, and a first aid kit that includes any prescription medications. That way, no matter how many boxes tower over you on that first night in your new place, crucial items will be easily accessible.


Put Important Papers In A File Folder

In addition to transporting valuable possessions, important documents sometimes need to be moved as well, should they be kept within your home. These documents include birth certificates, passports, school records, and medical records. Create a list of everything you need ahead of time and get it all together. One of the most important moving tips to remember is to pack those materials separately so that they travel with the family and not on the truck. Be sure to keep a record of what you included and check back on it when you make it to your new home. If keeping up with those documents during a move is not something you feel comfortable with, you can have a trusted family member or friend hold onto them until the move is complete.


Enlist Help From Friends and Family

You’ll likely have to call on family and friends once or twice during the process of your move. In addition to providing moral support, your loved ones could also aid you in efforts to reduce the cost of relocating. To save a bit on your move, host a packing party and invite your friends and family. Before the celebration, be sure to issue an invitation so that people can clear their calendars for the date. From there, have moving supplies and snacks ready for attendees. Enlisting help is a great way to expedite the process of packing and have some fun doing so. Play music and enjoy the walk down memory lane. All the while, you’ll be getting some vital packing done and cutting the cost of what you’d have had to pay for professional movers.


Transport What You Can

One definite way to reduce the amount you’ll spend on moving is to transport as many of your belongings as you can yourself. While the big items will require professional movers, storing away your smaller belongings like cooking supplies, DVDs, and other easily transported possessions will decrease the amount you will have to shelve out. You can even consider shipping some of your things to your new home, as this is likely to be cheaper than the movers. It also gives you the opportunity to transport some of the small but heavy things, like books, making for lighter lifting for you. This tip is particularly important when it comes to sentimental things, as transporting them yourself you will allow you to look after your most valuable possessions.


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