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Blog Oct 24, 2013

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill: Winter Edition

Energy Saving

So you’re probably done watering the lawn and keeping it looking perfect by now, but you can still waste water a number of different ways throughout the winter.  It’s tough also when you have several family members to keep on the same page.

Here are some things you can do during the winter to keep that water usage low and your savings high:

1. Use the garbage disposal sparingly, if ever:

Not only does it take more water to get those chunks going down the drain, but regardless of what you toss down the drain, it slowly accumulates.  At some point, either you or your plumber will have to remove the debris.  Instead, just avoid tossing anything down there at all and either compost it or throw it away.

2. Minimize water softener refills

You can save both water and chemical costs and help the environment by keeping the chemicals out of the water system.

3. Establish a monthly water budget

So this one is going to take a ton of work.  But, analyze who uses how much water and when.  Then, set a reasonable limit and stick to it.  Reward your family members when they meet or exceed the expectation you set.

4. Check your water meter for leaks

This isn’t always easy because someone in your family could just be using more water than usual.  But, once you know your water budget, you know how much water you use in an average month.  If everyone’s been using water as promised, then you know a leak may be present somewhere.

5. Winterize outdoor spigots

Otherwise, you run the risk of having your pipes freeze and burst.

6. Soak pots and pans

Hey, sometimes you can’t get the grease or stains out without using water.  Instead of letting the water run, make sure you let them soak.

7. Fix leaks

This goes without saying, but they add up much more than you think.  A small dripping leak may burn up to 140 gallons per week!

8. Match water level to the laundry load

It’s all about precision with this one, and you might be surprised by how much water you save in a month by doing this!

9. Search for available rebates

You can do this by contacting your water utility.  Many area available for water-efficient fixtures.

10. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

That could save up to 4 gallons a minute!

Freeze Your Water Bills with this Advice

Or better yet…watch them plummet!  In either case, your wallet, the environment, and your conscience will thank you.

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