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Electrical Theme Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner, and of all the theme Halloween costumes the mind can imagine, an electricity theme is one of the most unique. From super heroes, to electrically powered household items, to natural forms of electricity, the possibilities for electrical theme Halloween costumes are practically limitless. Here, Payless Power, a retail electric provider and family-owned business, offers some suggestions. Why not combine several of the options, to give the entire family the same theme Halloween costumes?

Nikola Tesla:

For an easy, last-minute costume, go as the father of alternating current, the greatest electrical geek and mad scientist who ever lived, Nikola Tesla! All this requires is an old suit, a stylish mustache, some hair product, and maybe an accessory, like a plasma globe.

Lightning Bolt:

This may seem the perfect choice for your own little ball of fire, and the costume is not too hard to make! Simply take an oversize black t-shirt, cut the sleeves off about 4 inches from the neck, and glue the raw edges under with fabric glue. Divide 1½ yards of batting in half, cut two 26-inch sheets of card stock into lightning bolt shapes, and glue them to the batting, trimming to size. Using 2 yards of silver lamé, wrap the front of each bolt, securing the lamé to the back with glue. Using 1 yard of black felt, cover the back of each bolt, securing felt with glue, and trimming to size. Glue bolts, felt side down, to front and back of the shirt. Create three 8-inch bolts without batting, glue two of them to black gloves. Make a lightning bolt hat by cutting one of the discarded sleeves about 8 inches from the top, gathering the top together, gluing the top together, and securing the last bolt to the hat with glue.


Going along with the same electrical storm theme, Halloween costumes based on Thor—the Norse god of thunder-turned-superhero—are easy to find, especially since the Avengers movie is so popular this year.


Feeling a little more blingy than a Norse thunder god? Try on a chandelier for size! Many costume shops sell chandelier hats, but if you’d rather go a little more creative, you can come up with something unique. Paint a chandelier onto a skirt with glittery paint, and pair it with a shiny top. Or, if you have long hair, braid it into six braids, then transform your hairdo into a chandelier using wire, glitter spray, and glittery or glowing baubles hanging from the end. Wear a gold dress, to complete the look.

Robot with Lights:

It’s easy to find a robot costume, or you can make your own using cardboard boxes, silver spray paint, dryer duct tubing, and LED lights! Get creative, and add reflectors, faucet valves, or any other personal touches to make it uniquely yours.

Halloween is a great time for fun with your family, carving pumpkins, choosing the theme Halloween costumes for the entire family, and participating in other great Halloween events. Payless Power understands the importance of family connections, and being a family-owned business, works hard to meet the needs of our customers’ families, with unprecedented success. An electric provider in Texas that has helped saved thousands of dollars for customers who use their electricity, Payless can help you and your family, too. To find an electric plan that is suited to your lifestyle and budget, call us to set up your account today!

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