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Blog Jan 30, 2013

Payless Power | Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home


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Are you following proper electrical safety tips in your home? Sadly, many people take electricity and its impact on daily living for granted. However, just as electricity is useful and necessary, it can also be hazardous and life-threatening if not handled with care. It is absolutely crucial to understand the role that electric safety plays in our home, especially if there are children or pets around. Follow these simple yet vital electrical safety tips to ensure that your family is using electricity correctly and safely.

1. Do not overload outlets.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 19,900 reported home structure fires in 2010 involved electrical distribution or lighting equipment. Overloading outlets in the home can result in dangerous short circuiting that can lead to fires and worse. Limit major appliances to one plug per outlet.

2. Keep safety plugs inserted into outlets when not in use.

These plastic safety plugs prevent children from sliding paper clips, hair pins, etc. into an outlet.

3. Don’t pull plugs from the wall by yanking the cord.

Many people do this without thinking, but it can cause major damage to the appliance and, in turn, to people. Broken or torn cords can make contact with something that can burn or cause serious injury.

4. Do not touch outlets, especially with wet hands.

Water and electricity simply do not mix, and outlets are major conduits of electricity. Touching an outlet with wet hands can cause serious injury. In fact…

5. Keep electrical appliances, items and toys away from sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

Leave your curling iron or your electric shaver in your room, away from water and areas where appliances can fall into a pool of water. If they do, do not reach into the water! This can cause serious injury or death!

6. Make sure that outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and outdoor areas have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

A GFCI is a safety feature that shuts off the circuit as soon as it senses overheated outlets or water in the appliance. In other words, it is designed to shut off electricity at the first sign of trouble.

7. Do not run extension cords across doorways or under carpeting or rugs.

This often causes friction which, in turn, pulls, cracks, tears and rips on the cord, increasing the risk of fire, injury or death.

8. Never use appliances with a loose, torn, or broken cord.

Try to replace the cord whenever possible to avoid malfunction of the appliance or unsafe usage that can lead to fire.

9. Tuck cords neatly behind appliances, safely out of reach of children or pets.

This prevents children and pets from pulling, biting the cords, and getting electrocuted.

10. Unplug appliances when cleaning or when not in use.

Not only is it energy efficient, but it prevents electrocution or injury when cleaning.

11. Call a qualified electrician if you find that outlets are getting hot to the touch.

This indicates there may be a short somewhere in the circuit that needs to be remedied quickly.

Be sure to always use the three prongs and do not take apart the cord or force a plug into an outlet where it doesn’t fit.

Electric safety starts in the home, and Payless Power can show you how to start incorporating these electrical safety tips into your home safely. If you’re interested in learning more about saving money on electricity by using prepaid electricity in Texas, then check out Payless Power. Offering low-cost energy plans to suit both residential and business needs, Payless Power is a company committed to providing people with some of the best electricity rates in Texas, but also with helpful customer service. Visit the website to learn more about how to save electricity at home, or connect with the online community on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest.

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