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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

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Are you thinking about packing up your belongings and moving to Texas? You are certainly not alone! The Lone Star state is home to 28.7 million people and that number is exponentially growing as more ethnically diverse young professionals continue to move to Texas. Be it a big metro area like the Dallas-Fort worth metroplex or Greater Houston, or if a ranch is calling your name, living in Texas has something for everyone. With a deregulated electricity market, booming job and business market, and several top universities, Texans there are plenty of great things about moving to Texas. Read below for a list of things to know before moving to Texas.

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

1. Deregulated Energy Market

One of the biggest benefits of moving to Texas is the state’s deregulated electricity market. Many people in Texas have the freedom to select an energy provider from various energy companies that serve their area, providing an opportunity to save lots of money on monthly electricity bills. Payless Power provides the best prepaid and standard energy plans with no cancelation fees and no deposit in the area. Payless Power helps Texas residents get better energy rates and save money on their average power bill, regardless of income or credit history. As a family-owned energy provider and not one of the giant energy suppliers, Payless Powers takes great pride in serving our energy customers with care and respect.

2. Diverse Geography

With a state as big as Texas (only Alaska is bigger!), it’s no surprise that there is a diverse landscape for any moving preference. In the state’s 269,000 square miles, you can get a home or go on vacation in the mountains, forests, deserts and ranchland. If you don’t want to feel landlocked by Texas’ size, there are 360 miles of coastline to explore. Want to see it all? The interstate route covers 850 miles across the state, making traveling across Texas a breeze.

3. No State Income Tax

Moving to Texas comes with the huge perk of living in one of only 7 states in the country where people do not have to pay a state income tax. When you combine that with low state sales tax and many tax incentives for businesses, Texas becomes very attractive for new business ownership. At the same time, be wary of local sales taxes as cities and counties can add their own sales taxes onto the state rate, as well as property taxes which ranks amongst the highest in the country.

4. Sports Brings Texas Together

If you want to watch competitive sports year round, moving to Texas is the right thing to do. Football is king in Texas (see: Friday Night Lights). The stands are equally full of screaming fans in high school, college, and professional football games – Texans love football. The Lone Star state has two teams in the NFL, the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys, making for a fun rivalry. In the winter, the NBA rallies Texans with the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets, and the San Antonio Spurs. If you’re willing to face the summer heat, head to an MLB game and cheer on the Houston Astros or the Texas Rangers.

5. Metropolitan Areas All Over the State

Texas is home to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, three of the biggest cities in the country. Big time sports fans will find their kin in Dallas, those who want a more relaxed vibe can settle in San Antonio, and people seeking an ethnically diverse culture and business district can flock to Houston. If you’re moving to Texas and seeing a smaller city with an eccentric community filled with young professionals, you should definitely call the state’s capital Austin home.

6. Get Quality Higher Education

According to the latest ranking, Texas can count six of their universities within the Top 100 of the National University Rankings by U.S. News and World Report. You can find the following universities in Texas’ major cities: there’s Rice University in Houston, the University of Texas – Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth claims Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University. Additionally, if you are looking to live in a smaller city, you can consider Texas A&M University in College Station or Baylor University in Waco. Regardless of the culture or geography you are seeking in the Lone Star state, Texas has a vast selection of quality options for higher education that keeps local residents in town and attracts out of state applicants.

7. Booming Job Market

Traditionally, oil and gas has been the leading industry and job creator in Texas. Other giants that contribute to Texas’ ever growing job market are energy, agriculture, defense, and healthcare. Want to work for a Fortune 500 company? Texas has no shortage of them. ExxonMobil, AT&T, Southwest, Whole Foods and many more, attract many out of state professionals to move to Texas. With such a huge influx of young professionals and entrepreneurs moving to Texas, who want to grow local business or start their own company, Forbes optioned Austin as the next Silicon Valley. Additionally, with so many top local universities, many residents end up staying in Texas after they graduate, constantly feeding the job market.

8. Warm Weather All Year

If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of Texas. Depending on what part of Texas you end up moving to, you’ll be facing a summer full of sunny days in the high 90s with sticky heat or dry humidity. In the Rio Grande, the hottest area in Texas, you can expect an average of 102 degrees, and moving to both San Antonio and Dallas will bring average summer temperatures at 100. It’s a good thing that Texas has a deregulated energy market so that you can turn the AC all the way up in your home to beat the heat without worrying about a high electricity bill!

Make Texas Your New Home Today!

Of all the things you should know before moving to Texas, the most important one is that no matter the community, geography or lifestyle you are looking for, there is a city or suburb you will love that will also suit your needs. Diversity is evident amongst Texans and their ways of life, and you will surely find your people here. It’s time to become a Texan and make the Lone Star state your new home. Move to Texas today!

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