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Blog Oct 3, 2013

7 Creative Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Energy Saving

So you probably know most of the tried-and-true tactics: use a programmable thermostat, keep it at 68 degrees, and have your HVAC system inspected annually.

But, being creative about the same old thing sometimes makes it a little more interesting.  And hey, the bottom line is that you save some money and help the environment when all is said and done.

Have you thought of these unique ways of saving energy?

1. Track you usage with apps

Wattulator and Leafully are two apps that help you track energy.  If you’re more of the mathematics/numbers type of person, then Wattulator is your app of choice.  If you’re more into user experience and want to learn how to take part in more green activities, Leafully will work better for you.

2. Have a family “no electricity” night

If it’s warm, go outside and enjoy a campfire until you go to bed.  If it’s cold, stay in and tell scary stories with flashlights, or take the time to share family memories.

3. Incentivize energy-saving behavior

Show your family the current energy bill.  Then, help them identify a few things they can do to reduce that energy usage.  Use the money you save each month to provide a reward.  Let your family rent movies or get a pizza.  Best of all, allow them to help you identify the incentive.

4. Sign up for daily energy tips

Everyday Energy Tips is a $1 app you can purchase to get regular ideas.  If you want more, just Google the web for “daily energy tips.”  You’ll never run out of ideas this way.

5. Plant trees

Okay, granted the energy you save from planting trees won’t be immediate.  But, if you’re looking for a green way to save energy, they can help.  Trees provide shade in the summer, which helps cool your home and reduces your dependence on AC, while deflecting cold wind in the winter so that it doesn’t get into your home.  You’ll save on your heating bills then.

6. Install motion sensors on outdoor lights

Outdoor lights are easy to forget about, but you won’t even have to think about monitoring their use if you have motion sensors on your outdoor lights.

7. Dry multiple loads of laundry consecutively

It takes more electricity for the drier to heat up again and again.  So, do your drying all at once.

Did Your Creative Genius Get Sparked?

These are just some examples of creative ways to save energy – are you going to implement any, or did they inspire you to develop your own ideas?

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