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Blog Jan 18, 2016

6 Ways to Save Energy You Haven’t Heard Before

Energy Saving

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Wow, we’ve probably written thousands of energy-saving tips here on the Payless Power blog! If you followed most of them, you’ll definitely cut at least a few hundred bucks off your yearly energy bill.

Well, we’ve found a few more tips for you that we likely haven’t mentioned before. Give them a read and see if you’ve heard of them before:

1. Paint Your Roof White

This one’s only for homeowners in sunny climates. So, Texas makes a pretty good fit. In fact, Berkeley University found that white roofs can cost up to 40% less to cool than black roofs. In a sunny climate, that amounts to $100 per year in savings.

Simply use paint rollers on an old paint roller flame, along with a long pole to save wear-and-tear on your back. And you only need to use a cheap white, elastomeric paint just about every hardware store carries.

2. Buy a Halogen Oven

These ovens save an astonishing amount of electricity versus the standard electric oven: 75%. And they cook 50% faster too.

Roast a chicken in just 30 minutes.

3. Forget the Water Heater Blanket – Install a Solar-Powered Water Heater

No joke here. You simply mount photovoltaic solar panel on your rooftop and watch the savings roll in. Some power companies offer financial incentives for doing this. Check with yours for additional savings before you actually do the installation.

4. Keep Your Freezer Full

This seems the reverse of what you’d think. But, an empty freezer sucks more energy than a full one. So keep it full. And you’ll never have to worry about making a late run to the grocery store for supper.

5. Grill Out When You Can

Your grilling days may be coming to an end here in December/January. But who knows? You can get the occasional warm day here and there. Buying propane or using charcoal costs less than using electric.

Keep this one especially in the forefront of your mind as spring rolls around so you don’t have to run the AC.

6. Use Motion-Detecting Lights

Make these CFLs for sure, and LEDs if those fit your budget. Not only do they help you save serious energy, but you don’t even have to think about monitoring them for more energy savings.

So those are 6 ways to save energy that we likely haven’t discussed before.

Which will you put to use?

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