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Blog Aug 24, 2017

6 Tips For Getting Through Hurricane Harvey


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Hurricane season is here, which can wreak major havoc. Heavy rainfall, flooding and high winds can come on fast and cause injuries, damage to cars and homes and power outages, especially in southern Texas. Get ahead of the storm and keep safe by taking the following precautions.

Make Battery-Powered Electronics Accessible

Nothing is worse than searching for a flashlight in the dark. Keep battery powered appliances such as flashlights, fans, lamps, clocks, radios, and smartphone battery cases charged and accessible . If you know a big storm is headed your way, pick up some extra batteries for safe measure.

Prepare The Basement

The coastal plains in Southern Texas are especially prone to flooding during hurricanes and strong rain storms. To reduce the amount of damage flooding can do, remove anything valuable, electronic or easily damaged by water from basements or areas that are prone to flooding. If you have pets with crates in the basement, make sure to move them to a safer space on higher ground.

Keep Your Refrigerator Doors Closed

An unopened refrigerator will keep food cool for four hours and an unopened freezer will keep its temperature for about two days. The less frequently the fridge is opened, the cooler your food will stay and the less money will go to waste in rotten groceries.

Get Out Your First Aid Kit

In any storm you want to be ready for anything, especially injuries. Extreme weather and power outages can cause slips, falls and bumps, so stock up on bandages and all other medical supplies before the storm hits and make sure the first aid kit is easily accessible.

Keep Important Electronic Devices Charged

In case of an emergency make sure your cell phones, computers and tablets are charged. Before the storm approaches charge all necessary electronics and portable chargers for back up. Running low on battery power and still no power? Switch your device into airplane mode and dim your screen’s brightness to conserve battery power.

Buy Ready-To-Eat Food

Ready-to-eat foods like canned vegetables, snack foods, granola bars and bottled water are good things to keep in the house in case a storm knocks out power or damage prevents you from leaving home. Make sure you keep a hand-operated can opener in your home so you can open canned food in the event of an outage.

How are you and your family preparing for Hurricane Harvey? Share your tips and experiences with Payless Power on our Facebook page, and remember to stay safe during the storm!

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