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5 Ways to Save Energy on Lighting

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Good lighting is an essential part of your home’s atmosphere. Instead of sacrificing your ambiance for energy savings, take a look at these ideas on how to light your home more efficiently.

1. Don’t over-light rooms

Over-lighting a room can waste a lot of energy. As a general rule, rooms need 20 lumens of light per square foot, but rooms like offices and kitchens will likely require more. To find out how much light you need in your home, check out Huffington Post’s Lighting Guide to get on your way to energy savings.

2. Install dimmers on your lights

Installing dimmers on your lights is an easy DIY project you can knock out to help save energy on lighting. Turn up the power if you need more light for focused activities like reading or writing, or turn lights all the way down to create a relaxing vibe. For detailed instructions and more information, check out this dimmer switch tutorial from Home Depot.

3. Put your lights on a timer

By setting up a scheduled timer for your lights, you can ensure that your lights are on only when you need them. Timers for lights can be found at home improvement stores for as low as $5. This quick fix will help families with forgetful kids keep their costs under control.

4. Dust bulbs regularly

Dust buildup on lamps and lightbulbs can keep light from shining through. Aging light bulbs along with dust and dirt buildup can reduce total illumination by 50%, according to Consumer Reports. For the most efficient lighting, make sure to clean and dust lamps and bulbs regularly.

5. Turn lights off

This one may be obvious, but the best way to save on lighting is to make sure you turn off all the lights when you leave a room! This easy task is something everyone in your family can practice to save money.

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