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Blog Jan 4, 2016

5 Tips for Saving Electricity with Your Kids This Year

Energy Saving

You can save energy and have fun with your kids too. And you can help them understand ways to save energy at the same time.

Here are some ideas you can do:

1. Use Rechargeable Batteries in Their Toys

It’s a small way you can save serious energy over buying batteries. And it’s a great way to teach your kids too. Plus, you won’t have to worry about buying batteries every time you go to the store.

And you can teach your kids basic handyman skills – like how to use a screwdriver and put the batteries in. Who’d have thought their toys could be such a great teaching tool?

2. Turn Off the Video games and Play Outside

PS4 and Xbox One are energy hogs – even when you’re not playing them. The electric costs do add up, but they’re nothing compared to the bonding you miss out on with your children.

Teach them how to have a good time outside during the winter. Maybe it’s hockey, snowshoeing, snowball fights, ice skating, or wrestling. And remind them how you save electricity by not playing all those video games!

3. Use LED Lights for Your Decorations

LEDs are so ridiculously efficient that they’re like using no electricity at all. By the time your kids grow up, hopefully, they’ll have replaced CFLs.

Teach your kids about LEDs versus CFLs. Maybe talk about the “old days” and their advantages over incandescent. Buy your kids LED flashlights and play hide’n’seek, tell scary stories, or read their favorite books.

4. Vampires Don’t Come Out Just on Halloween…

Sorry to say it, but energy vampires suck your energy 365 ¼ days per year. We’re referring to appliances you leave plugged. This could also be your laptop charger, smartphone charger, or maybe a charger for your kid’s toys. It’s a great teaching opportunity to show your children that even the small things count.

5. Buy Energy-Star Devices

If you are getting your children some electronics, make sure they have the big Energy Star logo on the side. Explain to your children what that label means. There’s no guarantees as to the amount of energy you’ll save, but you will save significant energy compared to similar devices without the label.

Saving energy can be fun….without making your life irritating or miserable.

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