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22 Cool Ways to Save Energy

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There are many ways to save energy – many more than you can count even. However, you tend to hear the same ones over and over again.

22 Cool Ways To Save Energy

Some of these tips will be familiar, but many you haven’t heard of either. Check out this lengthy list of ways to conserve energy:

  1. Use kitchen, bath, and all ventilating fans as little as possible. They blow away heat and AC.
  2. Insulate the ceiling or your attic to an R-value of 49. The higher the number, the better.
  3. Insulate your ductwork in unheated and uncooled areas of your home.
  4. Use weather stripping on your attic door to prevent air leaks.
  5. Caulk and weather strip your windows and doors.
  6. Install triple-track glass and screen storm windows.
  7. Install a water heater with an EF rating of .91 or above for the best efficiency.
  8. Use cold water, not hot water, in your garbage disposal.
  9. Cover pans when boiling water – it helps them boil faster.
  10. Clean your oven burners and reflectors regularly so they heat faster.
  11. Turn off oven burners a few minutes before you finish cooking. Your food will still cook, and you’ll save energy.
  12. Turn off the oven itself 7 minutes before you finish cooking. The trapped heat will finish the cooking.
  13. Use your microwave to cook small meals – it uses less energy than an oven.
  14. Only preheat your oven when you absolutely need to.
  15. Don’t broil food unless you have to – it uses a ton of energy.
  16. Thaw your frozen foods before you cook them. Use the warm air temperature instead of your electric energy.
  17. You save the most electricity when buying your dishwasher. Get an energy-efficient model the either uses air power or overnight dry settings. You can reduce the energy your dishwasher uses by 10% or more.
  18. Keep the fridge at a temperate of around 38-40 degrees. The freezer should be around 5 degrees. If you have a separate freezer, keep the temp around 0. Only open the door when you need it, and close it as soon as you can.
  19. Keep sunlight off your refrigerator and freezer so they don’t get warmed up.
  20. When washing clothes, use warm or cold water, and always rinse in cold.
  21. Showers are more efficient on your water usage than baths, but only if you limit your time to around 10 minutes.
  22. Make sure your shower has a water-flow controller installed at the showerhead.

If you apply these 22 tips to your life, your home will be the model of energy efficiency!

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