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20 Energy Saving Statistics

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Conserving energy will help you save money and reduce your pull on an increasingly overused energy grid. Learning about energy-saving statistics can help you understand how easy it is to save energy with very few changes to your lifestyle. 

Shocking Energy Saving Statistics 

Here are some of the most exciting energy-saving statistics with information about how you can use them in your daily life. By using just a few of these suggestions, you can take significant strides in using less energy. They will save you money, and they may make your overall life better. 

1. Weatherizing Your Home Saves an Average of $400 a Year

You spend a lot of energy and money each year heating and cooling your home. Without proper insulation, you can be wasting more than $400 and a ton of energy. 


Weatherizing your home can involve sealing windows, doors, and other cracks. 

2. An LED Uses Less Than 75% of the Energy of Incandescent Lights 

Replacing your lights with LEDs as they go out can save you up to 75% from the old-style incandescent. Even when compared to CFLs, LEDs save users energy


When you add that you replace LEDs much less often, you also see energy savings in manufacturing the lights. 

3. Energy Star Has Saved Households and Business 450 Million Dollars 

Since being founded in 1992, Energy Star has helped businesses and households get products that use less energy. The system has been successful because it clearly and quickly breaks down energy use for consumers right on the product. 


Looking for Energy Star labels on your major appliances and small appliances will help you save money and energy.  

4. Lowing Your Heat at Night Can Save You 15% Per Year On Heating Bills 

You need less heat in your home at night. Many factors contribute to this, not the least of which is being under covers while sleeping. 


Studies have shown people sleep better when it is cooler at night. Remembering to turn down the heat can save you money and help you get a more restful night’s sleep. 

5. An Energy Star Furnace Can Be 15% More Efficient  

Heating is a top priority in the winter, and some people like their homes warmer than others. No matter how hot you want to keep your house, an Energy Star furnace will help you save money and energy when heating your home. 

6. California Accounts for 14% of Jobs in the Energy Efficiency Industry 

Texas and New York are both behind California, but they have plenty of ground to make up. Focusing on more energy-efficient options can help states keep up with rising energy demands by lowering energy use. 

7. Reducing Air Leaks Can Save Up to 20% of a Home’s Energy Use 

Losing heating and cooling from air leaks can cause you to run your air conditioner and heater more often. The extra use takes more energy, and it also can make your home too hot or too cold. Sealing off air leaks can lower your energy use and your electric or gas bill. 

8. Renewable Energy Source Use Increased in 2020 

With the rise of renewable energy, all other fuel options fell. Using more renewable energy allows places to provide all the energy needed with less of a drain on the overall resources. It is also a cleaner way to provide the power everyone needs. 

9. Petroleum Is Currently the Top Energy Source in America 

Even with the decrease in other fuel options in 2020, petroleum still accounts for most of America’s energy use, followed closely by natural gas. Using less of these fossil fuels for energy sources is important. Reducing energy use is only one link in the chain. 


Developing and using renewable energy could help reduce the nation’s dependence on petroleum. It is an essential step in changing the way we use energy. 

10. Heating And Cooling Account for the Most Energy Use in Average Home 

Your furnace and air conditioner use nearly 50% of your home’s energy. Reducing how much energy you use in these categories will achieve noticeable results quickly. There are many ways to use your climate control less. 


Reducing your heat or air conditioner when you aren’t home will help you save energy with very little change to your daily routine. You can turn down these devices when you are at work or out for fun and turn them back up when you are home and need them. 

11. Turning Off Lights When You Leave a Room Does Save Energy  

For a while, some people thought that turning off a light when you left a room might cost more energy to turn it back on. New studies show that you will save energy by turning off the lights if you are leaving the room for more than 15 minutes.


So, turn off those lights whenever you plan to leave a room for any length of time.  

12. Energy Star Computers Use Up to 60% Less Energy 

Energy-efficient computers can save you $30 a year on energy costs. Because of how many computers people use in America, this energy savings could be massive. 


Turning off the computer and keeping the right sleep mode options turned on can help your computer reduce its energy use and not affect how your computer works. 

13. Insulating Your Water Heater Can Save an Average of $250 Annually  

Wrapping your water heater in insulation can help you save money every day on your energy bill. Wrapping the pipes leading to and from the unit can also help you save even more energy. Even if you can’t upgrade your heater, the insulation can start saving energy. 

14. Opening Your Refrigerator Can Waste Up to 120kWh a Year

It turns out your mother was right. Close the refrigerator door. Standing in front of your fridge and deciding what to eat can waste a ton of energy. Know what you want from your fridge and when you open the door, take it out and close the door as soon as possible. 


You can get a fridge with cameras that can show you the contents of the unit. It can help you save energy while still being able to browse what you have to eat. 

15. Energy Star Washers Can Save Energy and Water 

When you need to wash your clothes, an Energy Star washer can save you .21 cents a load. Over time that savings can add up. 


More than just energy, an efficient washer helps save water. The machines use only about a third of the water as traditional machines. That water-saving helps reduce how much energy you have to use to reclaim that water. 

16. Energy-Efficient Dishwashers Save Energy Vs. Hand Washing Dishes 

Washing your dishes with an Energy Star washer can save money. To make this work, you have to use the air-dry feature of the washer. If you turn on the heat dry, you will lose any energy savings you gained. 


There are ways to make hand washing dishes more energy-efficient, like not running your dishwater the whole time. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can still save a little more energy while washing. 

17. Installing a Smart Thermostat Can Save 10% in energy  

Smart Thermostats can make it much easier to control the temperature of your house to save energy. You can turn the temperature up and down without being home, which means you don’t have to come home to a hot or cold house but lower your energy use. 

18. Hang Drying Your Clothes Has Extra Energy Savings  

Hanging your clothes can save you up to $50 a year in energy. It is only the tip of the savings. Hanging your clothes to dry will help the clothes last longer. The clothes won’t shrink as quickly, and they won’t wear out as fast. 


Keeping your clothes longer saves energy on manufacturing new clothes. You will save much more energy over time by hanging your clothes.  

19. Cleaning Air Filters Can Reduce Energy Use By 15%

When a motor has to work harder to pull in fresh air, the whole system uses more energy and creates more wasted heat. The extra heat can cause the systems to break quicker, which means you will have to replace them more often. 


Just cleaning or replacing the air filter can help prolong the life of a motor and use less energy every year. 

20. A Home Energy Audit Can Save You Up to 30% on Your Electric Bill 

Home energy audits can look at your home and find everything that is wasting energy. Sometimes you don’t even see problems that are causing you to spend more money on electric use. Looking at the situation can show many ways you can conserve energy. 

Final Thoughts on Energy Savings 

Many energy-saving statistics show that minuscule changes to your energy use habits can have a considerable effect. You can implement most of the changes in a few minutes. You don’t have to make these changes all at once, but knowing the benefit can help you adjust moving forward. 


It also helps to know what to look for when you are replacing current products. Buying Energy Star compliant devices can help you save money over time, which is also a nice bonus for your wallet. 

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