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Blog Apr 1, 2015

12 Quick & Cheap Spring Energy Savings Tips

Energy Saving

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Anyone can use these tips to save more energy this Spring. Learn what you can do in this post from Payless Power.

These tips are for the not-so-handy husband – the one who’d rather spend time with family or hobbies.

Nothing wrong with that!

The experienced handyman could use them too.

Let’s stop wasting your time, and get right to them:

1. Close Your Blinds on the Sunny Side

The sun warms up your home – keep it out by simply closing your blinds.

2. Run Your Ceiling Fan the Right Way

Your ceiling fan should be spinning in reverse during summer. This improves airflow by pulling the cooler air upward.

3. Install Weatherstriping

If you don’t have it already, add it for your exterior doors. It takes just a few minutes to clean your doorframe and attach the weatherstripping. And it doesn’t cost much to buy weatherstripping either.

4. Dress So Your Body Releases Heat

You don’t have to be too obsessive about this one. But every little bit helps. Find cool, comfortable clothing to wear so your body doesn’t hold in too much heat.

5. Use Your Kitchen Exhaust to Remove Warm Air after Cooking

Yes, it still costs money to run this fan. But, it costs less than running your A/C.

6. If You’re Buying New Appliances…

Get ones with the ENERGY STAR label. You can easily save 20-50% more energy than standard appliances without this label.

7. Drink Plenty of Cold Water

Not only is this good for your health, but it’s good for keeping your energy costs down too. Cool water keeps your body cool.

8. Do Heat-Producing Tasks When It’s Cooler Out

Have to wash dishes, bake, or do laundry? Do them in the early evening or morning.

9. Open Your Windows

Use nature to cool your home instead of your air conditioner when it’s reasonably cool out.

10. Keep Your A/C Free of Obstructions

Weeds can grow up at any time. When you do cut them down, use a mechanical shears or pull them out by the roots. If you use a gas or electric weed-whip, that shoots debris into your A/C, which causes damage.

11. Dust Off Electronics, Bulbs, & Vents

Dust doesn’t allow all these things to run at max capacity. Clean it off this Spring.

12. Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

Not only do you save energy when you do this, but you also prolong the life of your refrigerator.

Those 12 tips are nice and easy for anyone to do. Enjoy – and enlist your teenagers to give you a hand!

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