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Blog Oct 17, 2013

10 Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season

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If you’re like many Americans, you follow the “spend now and figure it out later” approach to the holiday season.  It’s good to show others you love them by giving them great gifts, while also doing some nice things for yourself too.

But, it doesn’t make any sense to totally break the bank to get a few things that make you feel better for just a limited time.  If you’re going to get some cool stuff you want, why not keep it within a reasonable budget too?

That way, if you really need the money for an unexpected event like a job loss or medical emergency, you have it there and you don’t have to live in the stressful paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

How can you save money during the holidays?  Follow these steps:

1. Where possible, buy on sale

Buy gifts on Black Friday or the week after Christmas.  Although it can get quite busy, that’s when the best sales happen.

2. Buy online

You can always find whatever you need cheaper online.  Just make sure you purchase from a reputable website.

3. Make a list

It’s harder to rationalize more purchases when you have a specific list to stick to.  Create your list and commit to purchasing only what’s on it.

4. Pay cash

If you’re the type who simply cannot resist purchasing when you have plastic, take the cash you need out of the bank and use that instead.

5. Start shopping way ahead of time

If you wait till the last minute, you don’t have time to make the purchase at the price you want.  Start shopping weeks before you actually need to purchase.

6. Purchase meaningful gifts

What a gift means to someone is what they really care about.  Instead of going for the bling, go for what means the most.

7. Go for a vacation

This is usually the time of year resorts and cruise ships are hurting for business.  If you’ve been looking to go on a vacation, think about doing it now.

8. Have a potluck

If your family has a big Christmas dinner each year, make it a potluck event.  Then, rotate the host each year so the host’s costs are evenly distributed.

9. Decorate without electricity

Lights run up your energy bill fast.  Find some DIY holiday decoration ideas to save money.

10. Make your own gift

If you are in a very difficult financial situation, consider making a gift for the person you love.  They’ll appreciate the effort you put in more than any expensive gift you buy.

You Don’t have to be a Cheapskate…

You can save money during the holidays and enjoy them too!  Just keep these 10 ideas in mind, or just use them for inspiration.  In any case, you will still have a nice holiday season while saving money.

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