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Explore Texas’s deregulated energy market to find the best electric rates and plans. Benefit from Payless Power’s no-deposit, flexible options.

electric rates in texas

Texas residents have the benefit of living in a deregulated energy market. This means they can choose between a variety of service providers for their electricity, as opposed to the many states locked into one provider depending on their area.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the national average electricity price is 16.19 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Meanwhile, the average Texas household pays 14.61 cents per kWh and can take advantage of even more savings thanks to its deregulated energy market.

The Texas deregulated electricity market is highly competitive, so it’s smart to compare electric rates and plans from various providers to see the lowest electricity rate in a time frame that works best for you. At Payless Power, we strive to provide the cheapest electricity rates to all Texas residents.

Factors To Consider When Comparing Texas Electricity Rates

Residential electricity itself is the same no matter who provides it, so getting the best rate is the key to taking advantage of deregulation. Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding which Texas energy plan to go with.

Type of Electricity Plan

Traditional postpaid electricity plans have consumers sign a contract to receive service, and after a predetermined term, they’re given a window of time to pay for the consumed electricity.

These plans often come with credit checks, deposits, and late fees if the bill isn’t paid on time. They also don’t offer the consumer any control over the amount of electricity they’re willing to consume and pay.

Prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plans are advantageous in comparison, as prepaid electricity requires payment to begin service. Electricity is issued at a predetermined amount. At Payless Power, our prepaid electricity plans put the control back in your hands and require no deposit, credit check, or long-term contract.

Fixed vs. Variable Rate

When choosing an electricity plan, you’ll also want to understand the difference between fixed and variable rates.

Fixed-rate plans offer the comfort of a constant rate per kilowatt-hour throughout the contract duration. This means no surprises on your bill, regardless of market fluctuations. These plans are ideal if you need predictability and stability for your monthly budgeting.

On the other hand, variable-rate plans are tied to market conditions, meaning the rate per kilowatt-hour can change based on energy market trends. These plans offer flexibility and the potential for savings when electricity prices drop. But they also carry the risk of higher rates during peak demand periods or when market prices increase.

Payless Power provides both fixed- and variable-rate electricity plans, allowing you to choose the option that works best with your energy consumption.

Contract Length

You can find a variety of contract terms outside the standard 12-month plan to suit your lifestyle. Many companies offer a flexible month-to-month plan, as well as six- and 24-month plans.

More often than not, the more flexible the rate is, the more it will cost per kilowatt-hour, so consider just how flexible you need your contract terms to be.


Many energy providers offer no-deposit plans. At Payless Power, we do that and more by not requiring a credit check and even offering instant approval if you’re a Texas resident. If your income or credit history are lacking, Payless Power still has affordable electricity plans for you.


Another thing to consider as you compare energy plans is the incentives that electricity companies provide to try to win you over in this competitive marketplace. Keep an eye out for the variety of incentives that Payless Power offers to maximize savings on your electricity bill.

Hidden Fees

Before signing up for an energy plan, check if the energy company charges any late fees or early termination fees, what they are, and how you can avoid them. Payless Power believes in transparent electricity prices, which is why we don’t charge any late fees.

Service Area

When exploring electricity plans, don’t forget to account for a provider’s service area. Texas is home to numerous retail electric providers (REPs), each catering to specific regions. Major cities like Houston and Dallas have multiple providers, each offering unique plans and rates. In contrast, some rural areas might have fewer options.

Payless Power offers a wide range of energy solutions across diverse Texan communities. Our extensive service area coverage ensures that whether you’re in a major city or a remote corner of Texas, you have access to reliable and affordable electricity.

Best Texas Electricity Companies

Texas is home to a diverse range of electricity providers, each offering unique plans and benefits. While many companies strive to meet the varied needs of Texans, a few stand out for their service and offerings. Here’s a look at some of the top electricity providers in Texas:

  • Payless Power. Payless Power offers competitive rates, straightforward billing, and flexible plan options catering to a wide range of energy needs across Texas.
  • TXU Energy. TXU Energy offers a variety of plans, including fixed-rate, variable-rate, and renewable energy plans. However, TXU Energy requires a credit check, and they only offer one prepaid monthly plan.
  • Reliant Energy. Reliant Energy offers many plans as well, including fixed-rate, month-to-month, and prepaid options. But you’ll need to go through a credit check, and, similar to TXU Energy, they only offer one monthly plan.
  • 4Change Energy. 4Change Energy is known for its contracted plans that extend up to 36 months. However, you might be subject to cancellation fees or get stuck with a plan you don’t want.
  • Green Mountain Energy. Green Mountain Energy is known for its pollution-free energy plans based on renewable energy options like solar. However, to get a lower rate, you’ll need to choose one of their longer-term plans.

Each provider brings something unique to the table. As a Texan, you have the power to choose the provider that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and energy needs. But Payless Power — with its customer-first approach and versatile plan options — stands out as a top choice for many Texans seeking reliable and affordable electricity services.

Electricity Rate FAQ

Here, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions about electricity rates.

What Determines Electricity Rates in Texas?

Electricity rates in Texas are influenced by a variety of factors, including the cost of generating and distributing electricity, market demand, fuel prices (like natural gas), and weather conditions. The deregulated market in Texas allows competition among providers, which can also impact rates.

What Is the Difference Between an Electricity Provider and a Utility Company?

In Texas’s electricity market, understanding the distinction between an electricity provider and a utility company is key.

An electricity provider is the company that you choose to purchase your electricity from. They offer various plans with different rates and terms and handle customer service, billing, and plan offerings. Payless Power is an example of an REP, offering a range of plans tailored to meet different customer needs.

On the other hand, a utility company, sometimes referred to as a Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), is responsible for the physical delivery of electricity to your home or business. This includes maintaining power lines, responding to outages, and handling infrastructure repairs.

What Is the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT)?

The PUCT regulates the state’s electric and telecommunication utilities, implements respective legislation, and offers customer assistance in resolving consumer complaints.

What is an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)?

An EFL provides detailed information about an electricity plan, including prices, contract terms, and sources of power. It’s a crucial document for understanding and comparing different plans.

Are Renewable Energy Plans More Expensive?

Renewable energy plan costs have become more competitive over the years. While they might have been more expensive in the past, advancements in technology and increased demand have led to more affordable green energy plans.

How Can I Lower My Electricity Bill?

You can lower your energy bill by choosing a cost-effective plan, reducing your energy usage, and taking advantage of energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and smart thermostats.

Find the Best Electricity Rate Today

After you compare energy rates from the many Texas energy suppliers, it’s easy to switch to the plan that suits you. Simply find what providers are available in your ZIP code, check out the different rates, terms, and incentives listed, select the plan that works best for you, plug in your payment information, and start saving on your monthly electric bill.

Payless Power provides the best electricity plans in Texas with no cancellation fees and no deposit. And as a family-owned electric provider and not a giant electric company, we take great pride in serving our customers with care and respect. Choose Payless Power today!

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