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Reliant Energy Plans vs Payless Power Plans

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When selecting a power company, Texas residents may find it confusing to sort through the dozens of competitors to compare plans. Payless Power provides these comparisons to help you make an informed decision and compare our plans with some of the state’s other providers, including Reliant Energy. 

Reliant Energy, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 company NRG Energy, Inc., has been providing electricity to Texans for almost 20 years from their Houston headquarters. As one of the largest Texas electricity providers, Reliant Energy serves approximately 1.5 million homes and businesses across the state. Both Payless Power and Reliant Energy are top providers in Texas; we hope this comparison will help you make an informed choice as you select an affordable, reliable power company.  



Reliant Energy offers a variety of prepaid and traditional prepaid power plans, ranging from month to month plans or those with 12, 24, or 36-month contracts. Reliant’s average energy rates are 13.76 cents/kWh, however that number can quickly go up as much as 2 to 3 cents per kilowatt hour if a customer uses less than 2,000 kWh/month, like with the Reliant Clear Flex month-to-month plan. 

Reliant also offers plans with incentives such as free nights and weekends or free flex days for high-usage days every month. The Reliant Truly Free Flex Days 12 plan offers free pricing for the highest-usage days two days per week (or up to 8 days per month), but can discontinue the plan without any notice. And while these “free days” can seem like a great deal, consumers should take caution, as rates for these plans are typically one to two cents higher per kWh than the average advertised rates. That can add up substantially over time.

By comparison, Payless Power offers prepaid plans with more transparent rates than the sometimes-confusing free promotional pricing. We offer several major plan options:

With our auto pay plans, customers can save up to 20% per kWh compared to regular rate plans. Additionally, the customer can pre-select an amount to automatically add when their account balance is low. This helps remove the stress of a missed payment while also controlling your budget and energy use. 

Reliant’s Secure Advantage 24 plan offers a fixed rate for medium to high-use customers, who are locked in for two years. While Payless Power’s fixed-rate plans are only 12 months, giving consumers freedom to change plans if it’s not matching their power needs and budget. Additionally, most of Reliant Energy’s plans include a hefty early cancelation fee of $150 to $295 unless you provide change-of-address proof. By comparison, Payless Power’s early termination fees are only $99.

Plan Name Plan Length Rate*
Reliant Get More, Save More 36 36 months 11.9¢ / kWh
Reliant Secure Advantage 24 24 months 12.9¢ / kWh
Reliant  Home Advantage 24 24 months 12.9¢ / kWh
Reliant – Clear Flex Month to month 13.5¢ / kWh
Reliant – Truly Free Flex Days 12 12 months 14.9¢ / kWh
Reliant – Truly Free Nights 12 12 months 15.5¢ / kWh
Reliant – Truly Free Weekends 12 12 months 14.9¢ / kWh
Reliant – Digital Discount 12 12 months 13.7¢ / kWh
Reliant 100% Solar 12 12 months 14.5¢ / kWh
Reliant Electric Vehicle 24 24 months 12.9¢ / kWh

*Rates are based on a Dallas-area zip code for 2000/kWh usage as of 10/27/21.




Reliant Energy requires customers to undergo a credit check, plus pay a deposit if the customer does not meet the credit standard. They only offer one monthly plan (Clear Flex), with their other 12-to-36-month plans carrying pricey fees for early cancellation. Payless Power, alternately, requires no credit check and no deposit from customers. With our instant approval, you won’t have to wait for a lengthy process to switch your electricity to a Payless Power plan. Payless Power believes that everyone should have access to affordable electricity regardless of income or credit history, so we offer an easy process to sign up and stay on top of your bills.



From same day connection to personalized texts or email alerts regarding usage and costs, the Payless Power bilingual customer service representatives are committed to offering dedicated service to our customers. We take great pride in the service we deliver and the savings customers enjoy every month. Thank you for the 4.6/5.0 stars given to us by nearly 8,500 customers! See what some of our customers are saying:

“Payless Power has been my go-to electric company for a while now. Easy to set up, easy to pay, daily usage texts and wonderful customer support!” – Karen H. in Dayton, TX

“It only took a mere 10 seconds to pay the light bill. As someone with no credit, I find this method of paying easy and affordable.” – Cedriko R. in Dallas, TX

“I like that I get notified when my balance is running low and it’s so easy to make a payment!” – Jose V. in Los Fresnos, TX

“I called customer service and got help with everything I needed and was treated with kindness, payment was the easiest it’s ever been to pay a bill.” – Tyler S. in La Porte, TX



A key benefit to switching to a Payless Power prepaid electricity plan is the elimination of late fees. With our notification process via text or email, customers can see when their account balance is low. They can either adjust power usage (by turning up the AC or turning off lights more deliberately) and save real money, or they can add to their balance on the spot or with auto pay. With pay-as-you-go electricity, the money you add to your account goes directly toward your electricity costs. Payless Power believes in clear pricing and saving customers money on their electricity bills.



Only want to spend a certain amount each month? Payless Power sends alerts when your account balance is low so you can either decrease your energy usage or prepay for more power? Our auto pay plans allow customers to set an amount to add to their balance when the account gets low. With our personalized text or email alerts, you can monitor your daily usage, energy costs, and account balance. At the end of the month, we send a statement detailing your prior month’s payments, charges, and savings history. Reliant Energy’s plans provide the same bill pay options, but the complexity of their plans is often confusing. Payless Power wants to ensure our customers make informed decisions that suit their varying budgets. 



Payless Power offers an easy-to-use self-service portal that helps you stay informed about your electricity usage. The portal is a one-stop shop where you can make payments, check your account balance, see how many kilowatt hours you consume daily and other valuable information to save you money. This level of transparency puts the power back in your hands to determine how much you are willing to spend each month. With Payless Power, you will never be surprised when paying your electricity bill again!



Ready to make the switch to prepaid electricity with Payless Power? At Payless Power, you can expect quick, easy same day connection so that you can start saving money on your electricity bill as soon as possible. Our team is here to ensure you receive power when you need it! Check out the simple steps below to switch your electricity provider.



If you’re moving or simply want to switch providers in your current home, you can do so quickly and easily.  

  1. Estimate your usage based on previous bills (the number of kWh per month). In Texas, apartments average about 600 kWh a month up to large homes using 2,400 kWh.
  2. Find the Payless Power plan in your zip code that fits your needs and your budget. 
  3. Once your plan is decided, provide your address, name, and set up an account easily online or over the phone.
  4. Make your first Payless Power payment that goes toward the cost of your first bill.
  5. If you’re moving, make sure your home has a smart meter for remote activation by the power company; most Texas homes do. Then inform your current provider of the move. Most companies will waive an early termination fee if proof of the move is provided.
  6. If you’re switching electricity providers in your current residence, the new provider (in this case, Payless Power) will inform the previous provider of the switch.
  7. Set up same day connection. When possible, plan early in the day as the process can take 4-6 hours.
  8. Enjoy your day as you begin to start saving up to 20% on your energy bills!



When you choose Payless Power over Reliant Energy as your Texas power company, you’ll join a community of people who get a better energy rate and save money on their average electric bill, regardless of income or credit history. Payless Power provides the best prepaid electric plans with no cancelation fees and no deposit in Texas. As a family-owned, top-five electric provider, we take great pride in serving our customers with care and respect. Choose Payless Power today.

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