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Blog Nov 16, 2015

6 Heating Savings Tips To Cut Your Energy Bills This Winter

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It’s off to grandmother’s house we go…

But you don’t want to increase grandma’s heating bills!

After all, she and grandpa are retired now, and they have to watch their expenses closely.

While you visit, share these tips for saving on heating costs with her:

1. Cover Up Those Bare Floors

Hardwood looks nice, but unfortunately it’s not helpful when it comes to your heating bills. Heat has a more difficult time escaping through carpeting and rugs. If grandma wants to save on her heating bills, tell her she can increase that savings by putting out some holiday-themed rugs to cover any bare floors.

2. Close Your Fireplace’s Flue

Grandma’s house has a beautiful old fireplace. It helps add heat when in use.

But let grandma know that she needs to remember to close the flue when not burning anything. Otherwise, she’ll experience some unpleasant cold drafts…and high heating bills!

3. Keep Your Thermostat Close to the Outside Temperature

It’s not always possible, is it? She won’t drop the temperature to 40 degrees when it’s 20 outside.

You have to use some common sense. But, if she can keep her home at 65 degrees when it’s 50 outside, that’s going to save money versus keeping the temperature at 70 or higher.

4. Drapes and Furniture are Beautiful… But Don’t Let Them Block Air Vents

It’s easy for grandma (and you) to forget about those air vents along the floor. But to keep her home at the temperature set at the thermostat, those vents have to stay unblocked.

5. If You’re Leaving for Vacation…

Or even if grandma’s just leaving to visit other family for a few days, remind her to set the thermostat down when she leaves. 60 degrees is enough to do the job during winter.

She shouldn’t turn it off…the house could get too cold and cause damage to pipes or appliances.

6. Think about Buying a Heat Pump

Heat pumps can give grandma some pretty serious energy savings. In fact, she might be able to cut her energy costs in – get this – half.

Share those tips with grandma. And think about how great you’ll feel for helping her save some money and improve her financial comfort a little!

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