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Benefits of a Flexible Plan for Your Electric Bill Payments

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The holidays are a tough time for electric bill payments, as you probably see your numbers going up drastically. It’s no wonder, with the increased amount of power used during the winter season, why your bill would go up. But you don’t have to settle for rising electric bill payments.

Why Do Electric Bill Payments Rise in Winter?

There are several factors that contribute to electric bill payments being higher during the holidays. For one, lower temperatures outside cause us to turn our thermostats way up, which makes out heating system work extra hard and our electric bill to increase. But what about those holiday lights? Christmas lights, especially when they’re left on constantly, make the electric bill rise as well. Some lights draw electricity even when they’re not turned on—the simple fact that they’re plugged in may make an electric bill total rise.  And of course, during the shorter daylight hours of winter, our minds and bodies crave more light. We tend to keep all of the lights on in our homes despite the frustration of watching our electricity bill get higher and higher.

Benefits of a Flexible Plan

But there’s good news. Having a flexible plan for your electric bill payments can be a bit of a new concept that you may not have heard of or used, but it’s worth exploring because it can be beneficial for several reasons.

  • You’re in control. Flexible payment plans take control away from the big electric companies who seem to raise rates without alerting you to the rate increase. With flexible payment plans, you can save money.
  • Only use what you need. Flexible payment plans allow you to better budget, not just your money, but your electricity usage as well. With flexible payment plans you don’t have to settle for paying the big bill because you’re only paying for what you need.
  • Pay what you can, as you go. How many times, in this tough economic climate, have you thought that you might not be able to pay your electricity bill? For many the answer is, “One too many times.” That is why flexible payment plans can give you peace of mind: you pay what you can, and you get service. A flexible payment plan gives you as much electricity as you’ve paid for, as you go.

The Payless Power Difference
Payless power offers options far from the rising electric bill payments. With prepaid electricity plans that are flexible and easy to get and use, you never have to worry about rising bill payments again. Offering low-cost energy plans to suit both residential and business needs, Payless Power is a company committed to providing people not only with some of the best electricity rates in Texas, but also with helpful customer service. Visit the website to learn more about how to save electricity at home, or connect with the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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