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Blog Feb 3, 2014

5 Energy Savings Tips You Might Not Have Heard

Energy Saving

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We’ve written numerous blog posts on energy savings…and after a while you get to the point where you’re going to start saying the same thing over and over again.

So today, we’re going to step a little bit outside of the box and talk about some energy savings tips that aren’t typically the first mentioned.

Check out a few, and if you’re already doing them yourself, congratulations, you’re an energy-saving genius:

1. Pack the Freezer and Refrigerator Tightly

Think of it this way: when you open the door to either of these appliances, warm air rushes in and cool air rushes out. Now, your fridge and freezer have to work harder to get the temperature cool once again. But, if that space is occupied by food, then it can’t be occupied by air. Additionally, cool items touching one another help keep each other cool. Don’t pack your fridge to tightly – it still needs to circulate the air, but you can pack your freezer much tighter.

2. Unblock Those Vents

Got a piece of furniture in front of your vents? Do they have a few years’ worth of dust inside? Anything that obstructs your vents makes it harder for air to flow throughout your home and heat or cool it. That changes the temperature, and so the thermostat kicks in unnecessarily to heat or cool your home as needed. Keep your vents clear of all obstructions.

3. Eliminate “Vampire Power”

Vampire power describes the energy electronic devices use when you have them plugged in, but they are turned off in sitting in sleep mode. Yes, they do still consume a smaller amount of electricity in those instances. This includes chargers. Large items that almost always have to stay plugged in…TVs, surround sound systems, and desktop computers, should just be plugged into a surge protector. Chargers and other items that may get moved around a lot should just be unplugged.

4. Get LED Light Bulbs

CFLs are the new standard for efficient energy usage, but they’re going to slowly go away soon. And that’s because LED light bulbs, which actually have been around for years, are finally getting affordable for consumer purchase. It’s a pretty easy fix…just buy the light, screw it in, and forget about it for years…or until the kids break it.

5. Transplant Trees… Or Plant Fast-Growing Ones

If you have to wait for the trees to grow, this tip takes some time to come into effect. But, If you have trees surrounding your home, that breaks the cooler wind in winter, which keeps your home warmer, causing it to use less heat. During summer, trees provide shade, helping your home stay cool. Finally, they consume carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, so you’re helping to clean up the atmosphere.

Make sure they’re deciduous, which means they lose their leaves, so those leaves are gone in the winter when you need the sun. And finally, make sure you get trees that like to grow straight and don’t fall over (some trees like to cause these problems) because they’ll be near your home.

So there you have it…five energy tips you don’t typically think of (but that nevertheless help you save energy).

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