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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat In the Winter

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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat In the Winter?

Adjustments to the thermostat are the most common method relied upon to make it through the hot and cold months alike. Most people are aware they may suffer a charge in turning the dial however, the question of how to minimize this expense typically comes up only after individuals receive their monthly energy bills. Especially in the winter when many rely on the warmth their homes can generate to keep things comfortable, knowing what temperature to set the house to can act as a money-saving move that promotes a cozy home at the same time. When trying to determine just how high to set your thermostat this winter, consider the following to guide you to the most efficient winter temperature.


What temperature should my thermostat be set in winter

In truth, there is no definitive temperature that the thermostat should be set to in winter due to the varying degree in which people are focused on comfort and saving. In the winter, the temperature of your home can range from around 68 degrees Fahrenheit(20 degrees Celsius) to 72 degrees Fahrenheit(22 degrees Celsius). For those who prioritize how they feel in their space, the upper end of that range will likely be preferable while the lower end will prove more cost-efficient. There are several instances in which that temperature should be adjusted to account for the time of day and the number of individuals within the home. Taking those details into consideration will further help to ensure the expense of energy is reduced.


The Difference in Winter Temperatures Between Day And Night 

Given the fact that the optimal temperature for your home in the winter will fluctuate based upon the time of day, individuals will have to make a change as it grows later. Sleep presents a window in which our sensitivity to the temperature is dulled therefore allowing it to be decreased slightly within our homes. When night finally comes, drop the temperature of your home to 62 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to saving money, turning down the temperature will actually improve the quality of your sleep. Our body temperatures naturally lower each night as we rest so by exposing ourselves to a cooler temperature initially, we can help to get ourselves into that state quicker.


What Temperatures Should an Empty House be Set?

Though it is easy to understand why the temperature should be adjusted for the periods in which the house is empty, many still fail to make the change. It follows along the same lines of thinking as does the time of day temperature change, adjusting the climate when individuals are unable to receive the full extent of the benefits that come from a higher temperature. Though many people conclude keeping the house warmer while no one is home will ensure returning to a more pleasant environment, more will be saved by keeping the temperature cooler. The best setting to keep your home at is 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be easily adjusted once you arrive. There are even certain devices that can be installed in homes that can help make the temperature transition from an empty house to an occupied one easy with no homeowner involvement required.


Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a device that grants homeowners the ability to manipulate the heating and cooling their homes do by pre-setting windows in which the temperature is to be adjusted automatically. That means that homes can cool down to 62 degrees at night or in the day while you’re out without the need for you to manually set them every time you want to change the temperature. Not only will this save you time on adjusting, it will save you money and improve your efficiency as it will require less strain on your unit which will help its longevity over time.   


Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a slight step up from programmable thermostats as not only can they be programmed, they are able to be activated through the use of cellular devices as well. These appliances also possess the incredible ability to learn from the behaviors of homeowners to establish preferred temperatures. That means that over time, the patterns of usage are noted and optimized to promote savings and comfort, a shortcoming of programmable thermostats. This mainly stems from the fact that if your programmable thermostat is not programmed correctly, then you will not be able to take advantage of the savings that can be done.   

Ways to Keep Warm

In addition to the payoff that you can realize from manipulating the temperature of your home, combining this money-saving strategy with other methods for keeping warm can allow you to drop the temperature a few degrees lower while ensuring yourself a smaller cost at the end of the month. One of the easiest methods for keeping warm affordably is wearing a few extra layers around the house. Whether it’s a light jacket or even a hat, taking steps to bundle up will help you keep from noticing what may be a cooler temperature. Drinking warm liquids like coffee tea, or hot chocolate can also help you to increase your body temperature without requiring you to adjust the thermostat. And as you find methods to save, it is important to be wary of things that will adjust your home’s temperature, like turning on the fireplace. This will force the cooling system to work harder to maintain the temperature and will end up costing you more.


Your Home This Winter

The chill of winter may find its way into your home but combatting it does not have to cost you needlessly. Instead, the cost of heating and cooling can be strategically minimized by simply understanding what temperatures are best for your home at different times of day. Take advantage of the optimal range that thermostats can be set to but understand that even more money can be saved by dropping the temperature lower. Ultimately however, doing so will depend on your level of comfort and the degree to which you are hoping to cut costs. For those looking for a simple method for both, consider our tips and see how they help your household through the winter.  

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