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Power Moves: Mapping the Cost of Energy in America

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Power Moves: Mapping the Cost of Energy in America

Key takeaways

  • Hawaii, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have the highest average energy cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) in the U.S.
  • Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have the highest average energy monthly consumption in the U.S.

Moving to a new home comes with a lot of unexpected expenses — but have you considered how it could impact your electricity bills? Introducing our Move & Save Calculator, a tool we developed using the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) 2023 report, to help you understand how your energy costs could change depending on where you move.

Move & Save Calculator

The Move & Save Calculator below is designed to help you understand how relocation might affect your electricity bills. It relies on 2023 EIA data and key factors such as your current state of residence as well as your home and family size. It’s useful for anyone considering a move, whether it’s within the same state or to a different one.

To use the calculator, input details about your current living situation, including the state you reside in, your home’s dimensions, and the number of people living with you. The calculator will then automatically estimate your future electricity bills and how they compare to an estimation of what you pay now. This information can help inform decisions about where to live based on energy consumption and cost.

Keep in mind that insights from the Move & Save Calculator should be considered suggestions rather than definitive financial advice.

The Price of Power Across the U.S.

As energy costs shape household budgets, understanding state-by-state variations can be a crucial part of deciding to relocate.

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Topping the list, Hawaii stood out with the highest average cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) at $0.42, significantly impacting its residents’ monthly bills. Hawaii’s electricity prices are high due to the cost of transporting fuel to the islands, a factor that dramatically inflates its energy prices compared to mainland states.

Still, Connecticut and Massachusetts followed closely, with average costs per kWh at $0.30 and $0.29, respectively. Residents of these and other New England states may be facing sustained high energy costs due to inadequate pipeline capacity, especially in the cold winter months when energy consumption is especially high.

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Shifting our focus to average monthly electricity consumption, America’s southernmost states led the charge — all of the top 10 highest-consuming states were in the South. Louisiana topped the chart with an average per-household consumption of 1,275.07 kWh per month, reflecting its hot, humid climate and the consequent high demand for air conditioning. Mississippi and Texas ranked second and third, with average consumptions of 1,206.42 and 1,193.51 kWh per month, respectively. These findings underscore the importance of summer energy-saving measures for southern residents.

Location’s Effect on Energy Bills

Our Move & Save Calculator is a helpful resource for understanding the potential impact of a relocation on your electricity bills. Our analysis shows significant variations in electricity costs across different states, showing how important it is to be informed about regional energy trends when considering a move.


In developing the Move & Save Calculator, we used data from the 2023 Energy Information Administration (EIA) report. This tool aims to help Americans grasp the impact of relocation on their electricity bills. It considers factors like the current state of residence, home size, and the number of occupants. By offering insights into potential shifts in electricity costs associated with moving to a new home or state, the calculator serves as a useful guide. However, it is important to remember that this tool is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice.

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