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List of Texas retail electric providers

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As a resident of Texas, you now have the power to choose your retail electricity provider. Whether it is for home or business use, you can now choose from the more than 70 REPs to provide you with electricity after the deregulation in 2002 of the energy market in Texas. These providers have different rates, contract length and energy plans, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. The electric providers are responsible for buying wholesale electricity on behalf of their consumers, paying charges for power transmission and delivery and providing services related to charges of electric supply and billing customers.  Here is a list of some of the REPs that you can choose from. All the companies are likely to be close to your home or facility, so you do not have to worry about the distance. 

Biggest Electric Providers in Texas

This list incorporates those REPs that work with all the five utility companies operating in Texas. These companies are:

TXU Energy

TXU Energy is among the largest REPs in Texas. It provides electricity as well as energy services to more than two million commercial and residential clients in Texas. This company offers prepaid plans, fixed-rate plans, renewable energy plans and a variety of energy-saving services. They also have a plan in which they offer free electricity at night or on weekends. Just recently, the company announced a renewable energy plan that is backed by 100% solar energy. You will also get added on energy services to help you conserve your electricity. Some of these services are MyEnergy Dashboard, TXU iThermostat and Energy Thieves Calculator. TXU provides services in the ERCOT-grid service area. You can contact the company via their website 24 hours a day, seven days a week or call them via their several numbers that are available on their site.

Ambit Energy Texas

Ambit Energy is a privately owned energy company based in Dallas, Texas. It provides variable, fixed, and green energy plans to both commercial and residential customers.  It has a special rate for the customers that pay their bills online allowing them to save some money. You should note however that some of these plans are for limited durations. Customers getting services from this company say that you can save significantly if you get a good fixed rate electricity plan and lock the same for 12 months. With electricity rates fluctuating throughout the year, this plan can save quite some backs if you happen to get the fixed rate when electricity rates are favourable.  Ambit also offers 100% green energy plans from wind energy that includes a 10.7% renewable content. Ambit sells electricity directly to its clients, and often contracts these customers as their independent consultants to sell contracts to new clients. You can reach Ambit via email available on their website, or call them through their phone number (877) 282-6248 or (877) 28-AMBIT or directly mail them via their address also on their site. 

Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. They offer both fixed and variable rate plans and draw renewable energy from Texas wind energy. Customers recognize Gexa Energy for its competitive prices and attractive plans. However, it scores low on renewable energy content at 6% as compared to the state’s average of 10.8% even though it has a 100% green energy plan. Gexa has been selling electricity plans to consumers in Texas since the state was deregulated in 2002. It is now a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources that acquired it in 2005. If you need their services, you can reach them through their toll-free number (866) 961-9399 or (713) 961-9399. Their service hours are from 7.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they work from 10.00 am to 2.00 p.m. They do not operate on Sundays and all public holidays. They also have two fax numbers and a corporate address all of which you can find on their website. 

Reliant Energy Texas

Reliant Energy is another big electricity company serving more than 1.5 million people in Texas. The company is a subsidiary of NRG Energy that supplies electricity in more than seven states. Reliant Energy offers a variety of plans and energy solutions to both residential and commercial consumers. Currently, it has about 19 plans for residential clients that include variable, fixed and indexed rates. Their rates are fairly competitive, but depend on the utility company service area, and the length of your contract. You will save more money using a longer term contract. After expiring, you will be better off shopping for a different contract rather than renewing your existing one. The company also provides 100% solar energy plans, and you do not have to install any panels. They purchase electricity for you from solar farms equivalent to your consumption. You can reach Reliant Energy through their phone numbers 1-866-222-7100 or 1-713-207-7777 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have a chat feature for English and Spanish speakers on their site. You can as well send them an email through their online email form which they respond to within 24 hours. 

4Change Energy

4Change is a relatively young electricity service provider and a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings that serves consumers in the state of Texas. The company, which is based in Dallas, was launched about eight years ago in 2012. It offers variable and fixed rate, as well as a range of renewable energy options. The company provides residential electricity to clients in the ERCOT grid, meaning that you can have them as your service provider as long as you are in Texas. This company offers among the lowest rates in Texas, has low cancellation fees and donates about 4% of their earnings to charity, and has renewable energy plans. The company, however, has limited customer service hours, and has additional charges for customers that contact them via offline communication channels. 4Change gives a $25 credit as a gift for every client you refer to them, a plan that can earn you substantial credits to pay your bills for an entire year. You can contact 4Change Energy through their email, or mailing address available on their site, or call them via their phone number 1-855-784-2426.

Just Energy

Just Energy was founded in 1997. It serves customers offering fixed, variable and green energy plans and solutions to more than two million companies spread over 15 states in the United States, and others in Canada. It provides both electricity and natural gas. Most of their customers prefer their fixed rate plans as opposed to their variable ones. If you are on either plan and want to cancel your plan, you must issue a 45 days’ advance notice, otherwise you will have to pay a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees range from $50-150. For the best rates, you can go for the 36 to 60 month contracts for electricity and 12 month contracts for gas. The company also offers JustGreen energy solutions to both gas and electricity consumers. It supports hydro, wind and solar energy renewable projects, and others that help reduce carbon emissions. You can reach the company for these services through their phone number 1(346) 293-7657 or send them an email using the address available on their site. 

Cirro Energy

A member of the larger NRG Energy, Cirro Energy provides a limited range of fixed energy plans with varying contact lengths to customers within Texas. It has just one variable rate plan with competitive rates. For the best rates, you may consider going for the fixed rate 12 month contracts. In addition to competitive rates, the company boasts of excellent customer service and is also involved in various charities donating about $150,000 to charities in Texas. Though it has limited offers, and high cancellation fees, customers love this company for its straightforward plans. The company also has a 100% green energy plan, but their regular offers at 5-6% renewable content are considerably lower than the state’s 10.8%. You can reach Cirro Energy through their phone number 1-800-MY-CIRRO (1-800-692-4776) or write them an email through the address available on their website. 

Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy operates in Texas under the brand StarTex Power that it acquired fully in 2004. The larger company sells electricity, natural gas and other energy solutions and products in 10 states spread across the US. It sells both fixed and variable contract plans with varying lengths. StarTex boasts of a friendly, easy management and personalized service. On the other hand, their cancellation fees are a bit high, but you can always avoid them with fixed term contracts. Just be ready to pay an upwards of $250 for the 24 month contract and $350 for the 36 month contract. Always make sure to renew your fixed rate plan before its expiry to avoid getting enrolled automatically into the varied rate plan that will see you pay extra. StarTex Power has a 100% renewable energy plan offer, but since it is through a shared grid, you may not get 100% electricity from renewable sources. If you want this company to supply you with electricity, you can reach them Monday to Friday from 7 a.m to 8 p.m and on Saturday as from 8 a.m to 5 p.m through their phone number 1-866-917-8271 or through their service email on their website.

Direct Energy 

Direct Energy is a REP in Texas that offers natural gas, electricity and home services. Established in 1986 in Toronto, it is a subsidiary of Centrica plc, a British energy company and is itself a parent company to numerous energy retailers in Texas. The company offers prepaid, variable, fixed and green power options ranging in contract lengths to consumers in Texas, as well as in other states around the country and Canada numbering to more than six million customers. The company is well known for its attractive and affordable rates, and a range of customer rewards. Customers noted that they saved quite some sum on the fixed rate plans if you are able to lock a favourable price during the year. A few clients complain that the company lacks comprehensive information on their site, but in general, they appreciate the affordable plans. You can reach this company for their services through their phone number 1-855-461-1926 from 7:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m from Monday to Sunday for new customers. They also have other phone numbers for existing clients, a fax and an email all available on their site. 

Bulb Energy

Bulb is a young REP company established in 2016, in the United Kingdom (UK). It joined the Texas deregulated electricity market in 2019, and has its base in Austin. The company aims to make electricity cost as cheap as possible in Texas. They have fixed and varied contract rates, which also have varied time lengths. Customers receiving services from this company so far have been satisfied, especially with their customer service, and their relatively affordable rates. Bulb has its contacts on their website. You can always call their customer service number 1-833-439-2852 from Monday to Friday, as from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. 

In addition to the above companies, there are numerous others that provide similar services albeit in varying capacities. Here is a list of some of those.

Acacia Energy

Acacia energy is a REP company based in Sugar Land, Texas. It began its operations back in 2010 offering prepaid electricity plans. With these plans, you do not receive the conventional bills as with other postpaid companies. You place money into your dedicated account, and replenish based on your consumption. Acacia provides electricity only to residential clients. If you need power for commercial purposes, you can check out other providers. As an Acacia Energy customer, you can pay your bills online through their website and use your account number; you can mail a check to Acacia’s address on their website, pay by phone or in person through Fidelity Express or MoneyGram, or go to their physical paying stations. You can reach Acacia Energy customer service department through their number 1-877-997-2946.

Accent Energy

Accent energy is a REP company with its headquarters in Ohio. It is a subsidiary of IGS Energy that was launched in 2002. The company serves both residential and commercial clients. Under the brand Accent energy in Texas, this company has some of the most affordable rates in this state. This company offers 12 and 24 months residential fixed-rate plans, as well as a 12 month renewable energy option. For commercial clients, Accent Energy offers a 36 month fixed-rate plan that is ideal to save on energy costs for three years. You can also have a customized rate as a business based on your energy usage and budget. Accent Energy offers various means of payment; you can pay online, or through debit or credit cards. If you need services from this company, contact them through their number 1-888-995-0992 from Monday to Saturday. 

Agera Energy

Agera Energy is a relatively new REP with its base in New York. This company began its operations in 2014, and has provided reliable and affordable electricity and other energy solutions to about 15 states in the U.S. Agera Energy provides fixed-rate plans to residential customers that vary in their time length. It also has some variable rate plans for those customers that consume less and prefer such rates. For commercial clients, Agera customizes different fixed rates based on the company’s energy consumption and budget. Since the company does not publish their rates on their website, you have to call them through their phone number 844-692-4372 or through their email available on their website. You can call to inquire about their services even after normal business hours. They have also made paying your bills easy through their account management system or through their customer service line.  

Alliance Power

Based in Wichita Falls, Alliance Power is REP Company that sells electricity to both residential and business customers. The company began 2002 after the electricity market deregulation in Texas. Alliance power does not provide any fixed or variable rate plans on its website. If you want a quote, you should contact the company for a customized quote based on your location and electricity use per month. You can reach Alliance Energy customer service department for all your queries regarding installation, billing and rates through their official number (940) 692-8760 or via their email that is available on their website. You can pay your electricity bill online or through their pay phone number 1-877-777-2017 or via mail through the given address on their site.

American Light & Power

Established in 2007, American Light & Power is a REP company based in Houston, Texas. It serves both residential and commercial establishments with attractive fixed rate plans. They have several basic plans for those clients that are budget conscious. They have a month-to-month plan suitable for customers that prefer a level of flexibility. For commercial customers, the company’s website does not provide fixed or variable rates. If you need to know about their rates, you can contact their customer care department for specialized quotes based on your energy consumption and location. They have an online support that you can reach out for any queries. Once you provide your requirements, they will send you different plans from which you can choose. You can pay bills online using your debit or credit card, in person at their designated pay stations, using a pay phone number provided on their site as well as through mail, address also on their site. For inquiries and more, you can call their customer care through (832) 804-7500.

Amigo Energy

Amigo Energy is an established REP serving hundreds of thousands of people in various Texas service areas. It is one the biggest electricity retail companies in this jurisdiction, serving clients in Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi among others. It has some of the most affordable rates in Texas. The company has several fixed rate plans for residential companies, with some of these plans offering discounts where customers do not pay for consumption at night and others do are deposit free. It also has renewable energy plans in which the company buys renewable credits to clear monthly consumption. For business or commercial clients, Amigo has some fixed rate plans, but clients can also contact them for customized rates based on their consumption and budget. At the moment, they have a 12 month fixed rate plan suitable for many businesses. 

AmeriPower Energy

Established in 2003 just a year after the deregulation of the Texas electricity market, AmeriPower is a retail electricity provider based in Houston focussed on serving commercial clients. It serves customers within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) jurisdiction. The company has not published standard rates or plans on their site, but potential clients can contact them by filing an online contact form providing their requirements. They use your average monthly consumption, the size and location of your business to determine probable rates and plans. They then send you that information for you to select your preferred plan for your business. You can get more information through their live customer support from Monday to Friday or call them through the number (281) 240-0405. They also have an email address that they respond to billing and account management queries. They have several modes of bill payments listed on their site that include paying online, through phone and direct mail.

Axon Power

Axon Power is a REP established in 2014. It has been around for just about five years, so it is relatively a young company. It serves a variety of clients including commercial establishments, residential homes and property owners among others. The company has fixed rate plans for home owners available in one and two year length plans. Clients can also contact the company to get a customized rate or quote based on their needs. Axon Power has not published rates for commercial clients on their website. Potential clients can reach out to them via their contacts available on their website to get customized rates and quotes. Their official number is 888-517-4288 available from Monday to Friday. Paying bills is also simple. Clients can pay online using their accounts or mail checks to the company’s address available on its site.

Breeze Energy

Breeze Energy is an electricity retail company based in Dallas, Texas that deals exclusively with wind powered energy. It offers plans and rates that are only from wind turbines all of which are in Texas. The company was established in 2012 and serves clients within the Electric reliability Council of Texas area. For residential customers, they can choose from various options including Pay As You Go, month-to-month and variable rates. These plans have no cancellation and have very low monthly rates. The plans are convenient for clients that need to use electricity for a short term. They further have fixed plans for 12, 18 and 24 months. For these plans, early cancellation will see you pay a fee of between $200 and $300. These plans are good for long-term residents, and are cost effective. 

Brilliant Energy

Founded in 2007, Brilliant Energy is a REP company that serves residential and commercial consumers. It has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. For residential clients, the company offers a 12-month fixed rate plan, and has a few other plans spelled out in the company’s website. They also offer renewable energy plans drawn from solar and wind energy. For commercial or business clients, there are no standard rates listed on their site. Clients in this category should contact the company using the contacts on their website to ask for customized rates. Their customer service number is 1-713-789-8800, active from Monday to Friday.

Bounce Energy 

Bounce Energy is a different kind of REP Company. It aims to provide more than just electricity retail plans, but to assist families struggling to pay their electricity bills in Texas. It has fixed rate plans for 6,9,12 and 24 month contracts. In addition to these attractive plans, it has a reward program where customers get gift cards and reward credits for referring their friends. Clients who make their bill payments online receive discounts. They also provide amenities to help you track your electricity usage and be in a position to identify means and ways you can conserve energy by avoiding unnecessary consumption. The services are meant to make electricity affordable to as many people or households as possible. 

Champion Energy

Based in Houston, Champion Energy is among the fastest growing energy companies in Texas. It serves residential, commercial and industrial customers, offering some of the most affordable rates and plans in the market.  It is a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation and serves customers not only in Texas, but in several other states as well. They have competitive rates some of which have offers of free use weekends. They also have flexible month-to-month and prepaid plans for those clients that are temporary residents and expect to move soon. With the numerous fixed and variable plans, any client residential or commercial can plan their budget effectively based on their needs. Paying bills is also easy with their numerous options of paying online, by phone, through mail and also in person. You can reach out to them for further inquiries through their number 844-694-2343 or through other means using the contacts on their website. 

Payless Power

It is by far one of the best energy providers in Texas and its good reviews from satisfied clients can attest to this. It offers prepaid plans for the residents of Texas which are not based on deposits or credit checks. The good thing about Payless Power is that they go out of their way to provide great electricity supply at an affordable rate to their clients. Their payment plans are also very flexible.

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