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Best sources for Texas energy news

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Texas experiences a constant influx of new electricity companies and an exit of failing ones because it has a deregulated energy sector. Entrants and current players have unique packages to offer so that they gain new customers. Consequently, the electricity sector in the Lone Star State experiences a constant state of change. Updates on energy news in Texas are important because they would help you make the right decision on your energy plan. You will receive value for your money because you will know which company has the best electricity rates. The question is where you can get reliable and relevant news in this sector. Here are the best sources for Texas energy news.

Energy Newspapers and Magazine Focusing On Energy in Texas

Electricity consumption in Texas reaches an average of $24 billion every year when measured in terms of dollars. That would be the 11th largest worldwide if the Lone Star State were a country. The size of the industry including the number of people employed by it means local newspapers and magazines focus on it regularly. They include the Texas Oil & Gas Magazine, which is a glossy full-colour magazine with a targeted audience. Then there is the Dallas Morning News that has a business section on energy. You can also find news on this sector in national magazines like Power or newspapers like the Financial Times. These sources have accurate information and insightful analysis. They will help you understand Texas energy including suitable offers and products.

Check Reputable Blogs and Websites on Energy

Relying on newspapers and magazines for detailed information on the energy sector is unwise. Remember, the internet has revolutionized the way information flows. Today, independent journalists can reveal and share information on their websites instead of newspapers. Additionally, bloggers can provide constant and insightful analyses of the energy industry in Texas. These analyses include reviews of energy companies. For example, they can compare the rates that these companies offer. Some will also have tips on how you can reduce your electric bill. Therefore, checking reputable blogs and websites on energy is an excellent idea because you will receive volumes of valuable information from them.

Social Media Accounts of Key Players in the Energy Industry in Texas

Texas has a minimum of 70 retail electric companies. Each one of them has an offer that you should know. Follow the competitive ones on social media so that you remain updated on the rates that they are offering to their consumers. For example, have you tried following Payless Power online? Try it today to get the latest offers that they have for you. Do not follow the official company page alone. Instead, follow the top managers as well because they often share policy suggestions on social media pages. You can also follow journalists who report on energy in Texas. Additionally, keep track of official social media accounts for regulatory agencies in the electricity market. Finally, avoid parody or unverified profiles so that you do not fall victim to false news reports.

Pay Attention to Press Releases from Regulatory Agencies

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) is the primary electricity regulatory agency in Texas. It regulates the sector by implementing legislation passed by the Texas legislature and resolving complaints by customers of electric companies. Pay attention to press releases by PUC so that you are aware of laws that it plans to implement. Complaints made public by PUC will also alert you to problems in the energy sector. Therefore, you will be highly informed of anything significant that is happening in the energy sector in Texas. You can also follow the Texas Railroad Commission (TRC) whose decisions lead to a significant impact on the energy sector in Texas. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is another important organization that has relevant news for you. Specifically, the ERC studies the electricity market in Texas quite often then it releases reports with relevant information after each study.

Seek Information from Consumer Watch Groups

In the energy sector, consumer watch groups push regulators and electricity companies to act in the best interest of consumers. Some of them pursue specific angles such as environmental conservation or slowing down climate change. Many of these groups focus on exposing malpractices by electricity companies in addition to revealing lacklustre policy implementation by regulatory agencies. You will be the first to receive such news if you subscribe to their newsletters or bulletins. One of the most prominent groups operating in the Lone Star State is the Texas Ratepayers’ Organization to Save Energy (Texas ROSE). Recently, it challenged the PUC to provide sufficient information for Texans to determine who the cheapest provider of electricity is. It argued that PUC did not provide enough data on the fees that exist on top of the charge on kilowatt-per-hour. You could have received this news if you had subscribed to their newsletter.


Submissions made during conferences and seminars

Submissions made during conference proceedings are the most authoritative sources of news in a circle of professionals. The data revealed often leads to national headlines and debates in addition to far-reaching changes in policy. The best way of accessing these submissions is by attending conferences virtually or in-person. For example, you can go for Energy Week at the University of Texas when it is ongoing. Attending the Energy Law Symposium at Texas A&M University may be an excellent idea as well. Seminars that appeal to professionals only also exist such as the Texas Energy Council Symposium or the Texas Energy Summit. You will exchange ideas and share experiences in the energy sector if you attend these events. You will meet technocrats, legislators, CEOs and academics. More importantly, you will get energy news first-hand instead of hearing about it in the news.

Other Sources for News on Texas Energy

Radio and television are still the most critical sources for news on the electricity sector in Texas. For example, you will learn a lot about changes in electric bill pricing if you watch or listen to business shows. You will also hear or watch insightful interviews. These interviews will help you develop a balanced opinion on the prevailing issue. Calling energy companies directly in case you are in doubt is another excellent idea. For example, the customer service agents at Payless Power are responsive according to multiple reports online. Call them if you hear something about their rates on the news. Doing so will help you get a first-hand account of the news. Try it today. You can call and then ask them about their electricity rates.


In conclusion, changes in the energy sector in Texas are common partly because it is a deregulated market. Keeping up with these changes is difficult if you do not have reliable and relevant news from reputable sources. You can use the tips above to find the best sources for Texas Energy news. They will provide you with recent and in-depth information on the electricity market in Texas.


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