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10 Reasons Payless Power is the Best Electric Company in Texas

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Texas, being a deregulated state, has numerous electric companies, which makes it hard to find one that can best meet your electricity needs. If you are looking for an electric company that offers quality services, competitive prices, and have good customer service, then Payless Power is the company for you. Popularly known to offer, affordable and reliable energy, Payless Power has been in the Texas electricity market for over 15 years, during which it has been able to identify customers pressing needs, and come up with the best solutions to address these needs. Its goal of providing flexible post-paid and prepaid electricity plans, at an affordable price, while maintaining good customer service gives a picture of a company whose services are customer-focused.


Know your usage

Before we get into the reasons why payless company is the best in Texas, one important thing that you as an electricity consumer should know is your energy usage or consumption rates.

The secret to minimizing your electricity bill is to first have an estimated figure of your expected monthly energy consumption rate, which you can then compare it with the monthly charges of the electric plans you are interested in.

When it comes to items or commodities such as gasoline everything is exactly as you see it. The price indicated on the sign is exactly the amount you’ll be required to pay. For instance, if the price is $5 per gallon if you buy 10 gallons of gasoline, you will pay $50.

Electricity rates, on the other hand, is not as easy as is the case with gasoline. The stipulated price “per kilowatt-hour’ is determined based on a certain specific monthly usage (normally 2000kwh). Note that every plan has its own way of computing the monthly bill. Your exact price per kilowatt-hour can only be established by computing your monthly bill then dividing it by the amount of energy you’ve used during that month.


Why is it important to compare electricity rates?

The main reason why you should compare electricity rates is that the rates change from time to time and vary from a company to another. Therefore by comparing the prices, you get to find out what plans are fairly priced as well as which electricity plan is best suited for your needs. Moreover, comparing prices can save you a lot of money in the long run and it also enables you to assess whether you are getting value for money.


Why is Payless Power the best electric company?

Some of the things that people expect to receive from the best electricity company are; competitive prices, variety of options/services, reliability, transparency, and more importantly, good customer service. A good electric company is the one whose services are customer-oriented and whose main goal and objectives are centered around customers’ happiness and satisfaction. All their electricity plans or packages are designed in such a way that both the company and customers benefit. To them, it is not all about profit-making and company expansion, but it’s about quality service and community impact.

Additionally, a good company should put strong measures to ease the way of doing business. This could be through making improvements in the digital platforms, improving the mode of payment, and enhancing the ease of communication. The best electric companies usually have a state of the art call center, where customers can call any time and any day.


Why Payless Power is the best company in Texas

1) Daily alert to let me know my balance, and power usage!!

One of the things that make Payless Power the best in the industry, is its good relationship with its customers, which has been cultivated over the years. One of the ways through which the company maintains its good standing with clients is through their daily message alerts. The message contains information on customer’s account balance, energy usage rate, and bill total. Most people choose a pre-paid plan so as to cut costs and save some money from the usually high post-pay electricity bill. With Payless Power daily alerts, you can be able to track and monitor your electricity usage and adjust it to the level you want. It can act as a guide in your energy-saving journey.

2) Customer service!

Customer service is one of the key pillars of success in any business. In fact, it is what business is all about (identify a need that is not met or a problem that is not solved, then give solutions by either offering a service or creating a product that will solve the problem).  Additionally, most of the energy business relies on repeat customers. In fact, all top-ranking electricity companies have managed to remain on top because, in one way or another, they’ve managed to retain their old customers while at the same time attracting new ones. And to retain a customer, you must have a very good customer service.

Customer service is the heart and soul of Payless Power and that is why it is ranked among the best in the Texas energy sector. Apart from having responsive and timely customer care, Payless Power has a self-service portal that is user friendly. It enables you to take charge of your payment and usage. They also have a live chat, email support, and a help desk as avenues through which you can raise your concerns or complaints. Their customer care desk is also available 24/7. All these have been put in place so as to ensure timely responsiveness to issues i.e. complaints or queries.

3) Access to electricity Regardless of your credit history or income level

One of the main challenges that electricity customers, especially post-pay customers usually face is quick access to affordable electricity. This is because most companies demand a good credit history for you to be enrolled in any of their services. This, therefore, means that you’ll have to wait a while after the application for you to be connected to electricity. With Payless Power, there are no such things as credit checks, deposits, or contracts. All you need to do is to apply, load your account with some funds, and voila!. You also get instant approval – no question asked. The company does not require ID, credit check, or deposits, everyone and I mean everyone gets instant access -same day service.

4) Easily Tracking Usage and Buying

Electricity can be quite expensive if it is not well managed and planned for. Payless Power through their simple online portal and daily balance alerts gives you the opportunity to easily track your usage and buy electricity plans, which helps you to save some cash off your electricity bill. The process is quite simple; you just need to sign up using your phone or through their online platform and fill in the application form or alternatively contact the customer care, load some funds into your account, track your usage with the daily email or texts and lastly, review your monthly consumption rate and recharge.

5) No Hidden Fees or Charges

Another thing that makes Payless Power great is the fact that it has no hidden charges or fees apart from the one mentioned. Apart from the money you load to your account, payless doesn’t demand any other charges at any point during your subscription period. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will not bee surprised with a crazy bill at the end of the month or any other time in the future. It also gives you control over your electricity bills, meaning that you can set an amount that you want to use on electricity per month. It is fully dependent on you.

6) Quick connection time

There is nothing frustrating as paying for electricity service and then you are made to wait for long hours before you are connected. It is even worse if you and your family are moving houses and you want your devices set-up quickly for you to quickly get back to your normal routine activities. With the Payless Power pre-paid plan, you don’t need to worry about all these because they have a quick connection time. In fact, you get connected the same day you sign up.

7) Easy payment options

Payless Power customers can load their prepaid account with any amount of money they want at any time during the month without incurring any charges. Customers have several options on how to prepay for electricity: via the app, online, via the phone, by mail, or in person. Other methods include; you can use a visa card, MasterCard, Moneygram, Discover, money order, or mail check. With Payless Power, customers can easily check their balance and add funds at their convenience for either of our popular prepaid plans (Premier 12 or Easy Choice).

8) Prepaid plan options for different customer needs

Payless Power recognizes that customers have a variety of needs in different seasons of life. Some need predictability, while others need flexibility – and Payless Power offers both. Payless Power’s Premier 12 fixed-rate plan provides a guaranteed rate for an entire year, saving customers money when energy prices increase. And our Easy Choice month-to-month prepaid plan provides flexibility for customers who need it, like those with a short-term living arrangement who don’t want locked into a contracted plan.

9) Resourceful salespeople

The first people that you are most likely to encounter first in any electrical company are the salespeople. Any company, irrespective of the business it’s involved in, normally have their best resourceful salespeople on the front doing marketing and sales. Powerless Power company has one of the best trained, bilingual, professional, and friendly sales team. Together with the customer care team, they provide timely and insightful information about the company and are always ready and willing to help.

10) Good Customer Reviews

Payless power has a rating of 4.6 from 7300 customer reviews, which shows that their services are top quality and that, most of their consumers are happy and feel satisfied with what they offer. It is also a vote of confidence in the company’s ability to deliver on its goals and mandate. It is a clear indicator that the company can be trusted and further strengthens its position as the best electric provider in Texas. The good customer review explains why the company is well accepted in over 400 service areas. It is a strong proof of their good customer service and the success of its customer-focused strategies.


Bottom line

In this modern world, electricity is a necessity for any home. Everything now revolves around electricity. Without electricity, everything comes to a standstill. You can’t cook normally, you can’t see, air conditioners and refrigerators won’t function. When choosing which electric supplier will supply your electricity, there are many things that you need to consider such as; customer support, electricity rates, additional services, and the attitude and knowledge of the salespeople.

The best electricity provider is one that has proved, over a period of time, its transparency and trustworthiness through good customer reviews and expansion of its service areas. It is also depicted through how they respond to complaints and other issues concerning their services. Good customer service is paramount to any business, and therefore, the best electricity company should be able to demonstrate this in addition to offering affordable and quality electricity plans.

Payless Power, ticks all these boxes, and that is why it is ranked among the best energy suppliers in Texas. It is definitely the best-prepaid electricity provider in Texas. They offer “no deposit” pay as you go electricity plan and it is the right company for you if you don’t want to pay a deposit. Their affordable rates make it possible for you to lower your electric bill.

You see most electric companies in Texas offer expensive prepaid plans to cover the risk of”no deposit” but Payless power, while offering no deposit, no credit checks, and no credit score or history prepaid plans, still offers an affordable rate. In fact, it offers some of the cheapest pay as you go plans irrespective of credit history or income.

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