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Blog Sep 5, 2016

5 Low-Tech Ways to Save Energy

Ahorro de energía

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There’s some pretty neat technological devices out there that help you save money on energy.

But do you really need ‘em? And how much will they cost to repair once they break down?

The good news is saving energy doesn’t need to cost much money…and even none at all. And there’s tons of great ways you can save plenty of energy without making yourself miserable.

Here’s how to do that:

1. Spend More Time with Family

How about just sitting out in the back yard and relaxing with your wife and children? What about going on a walk? Or, maybe you could go to the park for the afternoon. Or, maybe it’s time to research the internet and check out a new family activity everyone can enjoy.

Spending time with your family, and turning off the TV and videogames, improves everyone’s happiness. And saving energy at the same time is nice too.

2. Go to the Gym

You have a gym membership, don’t you? What better way to save energy than by doing something healthy at the same time too? Don’t like working out? Then go for a swim instead. Or, just relax in the sauna.

Pretty sweet…you don’t have to worry about how much energy you’re using at all. And, you’ll look better and feel better about yourself too.

3. Add Awnings to Your Home

How many southern-facing windows do you have? What about ones that face the west? Well, in our hotter Texas summer, you can save around 25% on your cooling bills when you install awnings.

Forget about the Ground Source Heat Pump and Plant Vines

Do you like the look of vines growing up the side of your home? If so, you’re in luck both from an aesthetic and energy savings standpoint. Russian vines and Virginia creeper love to grow vertically. However, make sure you get several opinions about the effect vines could have on your home. Depending on the type of vine and the material your home’s constructed of, you could experience damage.

4. Paint Your Roof a Reflective Color

Okay, so this one could cost you a fair chunk of change or time. But it does pay off big time, and especially so for a sunny state like us here in Texas. Ask your local hardware store about painting your home with reflective paint or a shade of white.

See? You can easily save yourself money on electricity without investing in any high-tech devices. Which makes most sense for you?

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