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Electricity Shut Off Laws in Texas

When you enter into a contract with your local Texas electricity company, both parties are responsible for holding up their end of the agreement. Electricity providers must give reliable electric service and customers must pay their bill in a timely fashion for this utility service. If the customer is unhappy with the service they are receiving, they may seek out other retail electric providers in the area. And if a customer cannot pay their bill on time, amongst other violations of their service contract, the electricity provider has the right to shut off their service. Payless Power offers insights regarding electricity shut off laws in Texas so that customers can avoid the burden and cost of electricity disconnection.

Understanding Electricity Shut Off Laws In Texas

Are you unaware of the rights you have under your utility service contract? The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is responsible for protecting electricity customers and ensuring that they have fair treatment from retail electricity providers (REPs). In compliance with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, your retail electric provider is required to adhere to the following:


Learn more about when your Texas utility company does and does not have the right to service disconnection, and how to get electric service reconnected below.

When Can My Utility Company Disconnect My Electric Service?

Before an electricity provider can disconnect a customer’s utility service, the Public Utility Commission of Texas requires the REP to mail a written disconnection notice no earlier than the first day after the bill’s due date. Additionally, the disconnection date must occur following a required 10 day period from the date the notice was issued and it may not fall on a holiday or weekend unless the REP is available to take payments, make payment arrangements, and service can be recommended on those days. This notice must provide details on the following:

Disconnecting Electric Service with Prior Notice

The Public Utility Commission of Texas  will authorize your REP to send a utility customer a disconnection notice and shut off electricity service if you fail to do the following:

Disconnecting Electricity without Notice

In contrast to the reasons above, a Texas utility company is authorized to disconnect electric service without prior notice under any of the following circumstances:

When Am I Protected From Electricity Disconnection?

Remember, it is imperative that you know your rights as a Texas utility customer to make sure that you are protected from disconnected electricity. Here are the circumstances where your electricity provider is not authorized to disconnect electric service:

How Do I Get My Electric Service Turned Reconnected?

If you have received a disconnection notice from your electricity provider, there is no need to panic. Don’t forget that you have 10 days from the stated due date on the notice to pay your bill. Here are some of the options you have when trying to avoid disconnection of service.

Immediately Make a Payment

Everyone forgets to pay their utility times every now and then. If at all possible, immediately pay your utility bill online or call your electric provider to pay over the phone. Make sure you note your confirmation number, and to ensure that your electricity will not be shut-off, call your provider’s customer service to inform them of your payment.

Can’t Pay Now? Negotiate Deferred Payment Plans

If you are not in the position to pay your electric bill at the moment, the first thing you should do is get your electricity provider on the phone to set up a deferred payment plan instead of simply ignoring the bill. If you do not have a history of making late payments, your provider will likely try to help you out with an arranged payment plan for your past due balance. It is best to contact your REP over the weekend and make a minimum payment at this time since your utility company will not likely process a disconnection over the weekend, choosing to wait until Monday morning.

How Quickly Will My Electricity Be Reconnected?

Reconnection is typically automatic and should take place within minutes and up to 48 hours of your payment of all overdue charges, disconnection and reconnection fees, and potentially an additional deposit. Other providers may need you to call and provide your payment confirmation number prior to reconnecting your electric service.

Avoid Disconnection Of Electricity With A Prepaid Texas Electricity Plan

If you are continuously finding that you are unable to pay your electricity bill on time or have trouble budgeting for the amount of electricity you use each month, you may want to consider switching to a prepaid Texas electricity plan. These pay-as-you-go plans only allow you to use as much electricity as you have already paid for, and you will get constant alerts for how much electricity you use on a daily basis, and how much you have left to use before you need to add funds to your balance. Additionally, these plans often do not require a deposit up front, allowing you to get electricity as soon as you need it, with no barrier to entry. When customers have the opportunity to pay in predetermined increments, they can maximize and be mindful of their energy use, ultimately resulting in reducing the total cost of electricity and the risk of disconnection.

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