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Texas Power

Sep 7, 2020

Can I cancel my electricity contract?

Whether it is the change of price, or you have stumbled upon a better electricity plan than what you are currently on, understanding how to cancel the electricity contract, and its potential r...

Texas Power
Jul 28, 2020

Texas Electricity Sources

Texas Electricity Sources Did you know that in 2019, Texas generated more electrical power than any other state, producing almost twice the amount generated in Florida? And that Texas is the ...

Texas Power
Jul 28, 2020

Understanding the Texas Electricity Market

A simple economic principle states that the foundation of an efficient and well-organized free-market is openness and a conducive environment that enables participants to have equal access to ...

Texas Power
Jul 28, 2020

Texas Electricity Rate Trend

In 2019, Texas electricity rates were somewhat flat compared to the year before. If you were on a fixed-rate contract in 2019, then you were a bit lucky! But those who were on a wholesale inde...

Texas Power
Jul 16, 2020

Compare Texas Retail Electric Providers

Many Texas residents have benefited from affordable electric service because they live in a deregulated energy market. Instead of relying on government-controlled utility monopolies, many Texa...

Texas Power
Jun 20, 2020

Why is my electric bill so high? 10 Reasons Why (Updated April 2021)

You open your mailbox and you see it: the electric bill. You open the envelope and are shocked to find an unusually high bill for the month, maybe your bill doubled or tripled. Why is this? Yo...

Energy SavingTexas Power
Dec 16, 2019

Rights of Electricity Consumers

As a participant of a competitive electricity market (particularly if you live in a deregulated energy market), it is important to know the rights and responsibilities you have as a consumer t...

Texas Power
Jan 28, 2019

How to Choose An Electric Company

For those who are new to choosing an electric company and even for those with a bit of experience, the process of finding and deciding upon a provider and a plan can be challenging. The key to...

Texas Power
Oct 8, 2018

Gas vs. Electricity: Which is Cheaper for Your Home?

Choosing between gas and electricity to heat your home can be a confusing decision. Read more to find out the pros and cons to each when making the decision for your home. As you head into the...

Energy SavingTexas Power
Aug 17, 2018

Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

Energy is so vital to running a household, between providing light, cool and warm air, preserving food at the right temperature, and giving the ability to cook and do laundry. Because of this,...

Texas Power

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I was worried about getting electricity for my home through a prepaid company. I was calling around to see different rates then going through all the hassle of credit checks while dropping points each…

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I have been with this company for several years and have been very happy since. Even when I moved, they made my usually stressful situation very easy and carefree. I recommend them to everyone that I…

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I have enjoyed the service for 2 years now. In the beginning this service was planned to be temporary but with the service being so effective for me i decided to keep it for the long haul. I’m a happy customer.

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