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Top States at Risk for Power Outages

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Electricity disruptions can have severe consequences, from spoiled food and lost productivity to potential health and safety risks. So, understanding which states may be most vulnerable to power outages is important.

By analyzing U.S. Department of Energy data from the decade spanning 2013-2023, we’ve identified the states that may be at the highest risk for power outages this year. In this article, we’ll explore historical outage trends, examine the factors contributing to power failures, and discuss how residents and utility companies can better prepare for potential blackouts.

Key Takeaways

  • Nevada had the most customers impacted by power outages per capita in the past 10 years (382,102).
  • Michigan had the most customers affected by power outages per capita in 2023 (21,746).
  • Texas, California, and Michigan had the most power outages in 2023.
  • Texas accounted for 13% of all 2023 power outages.

States Hit Hardest by Power Outages: A 10-Year Review

First, let’s see which states have been most affected by power outages over the past decade. This historical data may identify regional vulnerabilities and predict future outage patterns.

Infographic showing the states with the most customers impacted by power outages.

Nevada had the most customers impacted by power outages per capita over the 10-year period between 2013 and 2023, with 382,102 affected. In 2023 alone, Michigan topped the list with 21,746 customers affected per capita. Texas, known for its energy production, faced significant challenges as well: 72,962 customers per capita were impacted by power outages over the past 10 years, and 5,891 were affected in 2023.

States With the Most Power Outages

We also analyzed the most recent data available for a more current snapshot indicating which states may be most at risk for power outages in the near future. Below, we’ll focus on the states that experienced the highest number of power outages in 2023.

Infographic showing the states with the most power outages.

Texas, California, and Michigan topped the list for the most power outages in 2023. Texas, in particular, accounted for 13% of all power outages in the United States that year. This finding is particularly noteworthy given Texas’ status as a major energy producer and its independent power grid, which is separate from the rest of the country.

By pinpointing the states that experienced the most power outages in 2023, residents, utility companies, and policymakers can better prepare for potential electricity disruptions. This may involve investing in grid modernization, developing emergency response plans, and promoting energy conservation measures to reduce strain on the power grid during peak demand periods. On a smaller scale, residents can prepare for a power outage by setting up emergency kits and stocking up on nonperishable food.

Seasonal Power Outage Risks

While some states have had more power outages overall, seasonal changes can also influence electricity disruptions. Next, we’ll examine which states could be most vulnerable to power outages during specific seasons.

Infographich exploring power outages by season.

North Carolina, South Dakota, and Kansas have been most affected in the winter months, with more outages compared to the national average by increases of 63%, 55%, and 49%, respectively. Spring brought a significant rise in power outages for Alabama, Mississippi, and Delaware, with increases of 83%, 58%, and 53%.

During the summer, Nebraska, Michigan, and Delaware experienced the biggest upticks in electricity disruptions, with outages exceeding the national average by 72%, 65%, and 63%. Finally, in the fall, Indiana, Florida, and Vermont were most impacted by seasonal power outages compared to the rest of the U.S. by increases of 87%, 77%, and 44%.Understanding these seasonal patterns can help states and utility companies prepare for the unique challenges of different times of the year. For example, states most affected by winter outages could protect power lines from ice and snow accumulation. Those impacted by summer outages might prioritize grid resilience during heat waves and peak air conditioning usage. Strategies like these can minimize the impact of seasonal power outages on residents and businesses.

Power Outage Prep in High-Risk States and Beyond

While some states may face a higher risk of power outages in the future, all residents can take steps to prepare for potential electricity disruptions now. By understanding the unique risks in your area, developing an emergency plan, and investing in backup power solutions, you can minimize the impact of blackouts on your daily life. As climate change continues to strain our power grids, prioritizing resilience and adaptability in the face of an uncertain energy future is more important than ever.


For this study, we used U.S. Department of Energy data from 2013-2023 on instances of power outages. When outages impacted multiple states, we estimated the number of customers impacted by dividing the number of customers by the number of states. These are just estimates.

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