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Blog Oct 5, 2012

How to Calculate Electricity Cost for Your Home Appliances


Knowing how to calculate electricity cost goes far beyond learning how to read your electric meter. While reading the meter is a good step toward saving costs, it is also important to know how much it costs to run the appliances. Learning how to calculate electricity cost for each appliance isn’t easy, but it can be managed, by following some simple steps.

First, look at the back or bottom of each appliance.

Best case scenario, you will find the wattage listed there, though it may be listed in amperes.

If the wattage is listed, you’re in luck!

Divide the wattage by 1000, or move the decimal back three spaces. This will give you the KWh, and you can then find your electric company’s rates online, or listed on your bill. Multiply the appliance’s KWh by the company’s rate, and you’ll know how much each appliance costs to run, per hour.

If the electrical usage is listed with an A after it, that denotes amperes.

To convert to wattage, multiply the amps by the voltage used (usually 120, sometimes 240), and then divide that number by 1000 to determine the KWh.

You can also use an electrical usage monitor, like Kill-A-Watt.

You don’t have to know how to calculate electricity cost if you use a monitor, because the device will calculate it for you.

Knowing how to calculate electricity cost can be extremely helpful in deciding how and when to use your appliances. For example, if your electric company charges more for certain hours of the day, you can choose not to use high KWh appliances during those hours. Once you know how to calculate electricity cost of an appliance, you can also be a more informed consumer, because you’ll know what all the numbers on the appliances mean, in terms of dollars and cents.

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