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CES Awards: New Smart Home Innovations for Energy Efficiency

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Top Smart Home Innovations for Energy Efficiency

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in early January 2022, introduced the world to some new innovations in home automation — many of which will improve the energy efficiency of your home. From appliances to security cameras to TVs, new smart technologies help you use less energy while improving automation and connection. If you love the idea of creating a tech-savvy home that saves energy and increases sustainability, take a look at these 2022 CES Innovation Award winners. 

Garage Door Technology — Don’t you hate leaving the house wondering if you remembered to shut the garage door? The Momentum Niro®2 Wifi Garage Controller and Camera provides peace of mind right from your smartphone. You can open and close the garage door from an app and also stream live video and view motion detection from the 2K HD camera. Open garage doors also let inside heating or air conditioning escape, so making sure it’s closed (from anywhere) helps save you energy and money.

Smart Showers — Reduce water use and lower water heater costs with the Oasense Reva shelf-powered showerhead. You can lessen water usage by more than 50%, as its smart sensors adjust water flow when you don’t need full rinsing (down to 10%) and resume to 100% when you step back under the showerhead. You’ll still get the full rinse experience without the waste. Or consider installing the RainStick Shower, a wifi-enabled circular shower that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy while doubling the flow rate. You could save up to $500-$700 a year and recoup your investment in the RainStick Shower within several years.

Cordless Hair Dryer — Who loves healthy hair while also saving electricity? The Zuvi Halo hair dryer is five times more energy efficient than traditional hair dryers (290W vs 1600W+). It does so by replicating sun and wind for a more natural drying process that protects and maintains hair’s moisture for healthier, smoother hair.

Smart Refrigerators — The old ice box has gotten a lot smarter in the last decade. Consider these Innovation award honorees:

1) The LG French-Door Objet Collection offers a clear door that you tap so you can view what’s inside without opening it. Precise temperatures help keep food fresh longer, so there’s less waste, andUVnano technologies help sanitize the water and remove harmful bacteria. The door-in-door feature allows you to quickly grab what you need without opening the entire fridge

2) Samsung Bespoke Family Hub™ for 2022 4DR Refrigerator brings a variety of 12 sleek customizable colors to help match your kitchen’s style while upping your smart appliances game. The Samsung Family Hub platform allows you to connect and control smart home devices like thermostats, door locks, and cameras right from the fridge. With good visibility, built-in cameras can analyze the contents of your refrigerator and make meal plan suggestions based on ingredients you have on hand.


Other Innovations

While these technologies may not directly impact your energy usage and savings, the following CES awardees can help make life easier or more enjoyable.

TVs, Gaming, Automation — Peruse the TV and electronics winners for the latest in gaming, improved video displays, smart automation, and accessibility. You’ll find improved picture quality, gaming response time, and connection like Samsung’s TV Together where you can enjoy streaming together even when you’re apart.

Sound Mirror — “Mirror, mirror on the wall, play my morning playlist.” Stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more via Bluetooth to Icon AI’s Sound Mirror that serves as a functional mirror or sleek art and a speaker. It also has an AI assistant and smart home features. 

Battery-Free Rechargeable TV Remote — You’ll no longer need to search your junk drawer for new batteries with Samsung’s 2022 Eco TV Remote. This new model can charge from solar power (even indoors!) and now radio frequency (RF) waves from the air.  It’s sustainable and uses smart energy.


Whether you’re building your own energy-efficient home from the ground up or dreaming of ways to upgrade your home’s technologies, cost savings and sustainability are great goals for 2022. And if you want to save even more money on your energy bills, contact electricity provider Payless Power for a plan suited for your home and lifestyle.

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