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Best Time to Water Grass (and 12 other lawn watering tips)

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What are the best times to water your lawn?

The best time to water your lawn is from 4-6 am. This is the best time to water your lawn in Texas or other warm climate locations because the sun is not as high as it is later on in the day. During that time, the heat of the day can evaporate 30-50% of your water. When it comes to the 4-6am window, the sun’s location is also advantageous because it is not so low that the ground is cool and does not absorb moisture as well. When that happens, lawns may experience fungus growth as well as water pooling. It may be early, but it is the best time to water your grass.

With summer in full swing, you’ve probably already been watering the lawn for some time now. Have you thought about how to water it efficiently?

1. Install a programmable sprinkler system.

Though these devices do have an upfront cost of a few thousand dollars to install, once you have them set up and going, they keep your lawn green and healthy year round. Besides that, during installation most contractors will install them to be as water efficient as possible, meaning that the amount of water used will be reduced to optimal levels. Best of all, because these devices are programmable, you don’t even have to think about how you’re using the water. Programmable sprinkler systems provide a green and healthy lawn with very little work required on your part.


2. Water only when your grass is too dry

For those who may not be able to tell the condition of their lawn by look alone, there are warning signs that will let you know when it is time to water your yard. In terms of coloring, grass will begin to take on a blue-gray tint, and the blades will start to curl and wilt. Brown will let you know that your grass is not receiving the water or nutrients it needs and that you need you go in and start watering. You will also be able to tell if your grass is too dry if you are able to step on it and your footprint remains or remains longer than usual. Keeping an eye on your grass will allow you to give it what it needs, when it needs it, and save water as well.

3. Make sure your sprinklers cover the lawn.

All too often we come in contact with sprinklers that are actively wasting water. Just consider the number of times you have seen a neighbor’s sprinklers spraying more of the sidewalk and the street than their actual lawn. How many times have you yourself been the one wasting water? As you lay out sprinklers along your lawn, just double check that they are hitting the grass and not anything else. It is a simple fix, but it will pay off when it comes to conserving water and keeping the area surrounding your home dry.

4. Stop watering if you see runoff.

As the lawn is being watered, there may come a point in time in which you saturate your yard. For those not keeping an eye on things, this saturation will result in water flowing off your grass and onto the sidewalk or street. At that point in time, you need to stop watering. Continuously overwatering your lawn in this manner will cause a build up in matter called thatch, a combination of dead and living plants that will accumulate on your lawn. Thatch can have an odor which will cause your lawn to smell, so keep your eyes up and nostrils open for this pest.

5. Use a rain barrel.

One particularly simple solution that helps to conserve water starts by making sure that your gutters empty into a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a sizeable tank that is able to connect directly to gutters and store away runoff from the rain. Using it to conserve water is a great method of recycling, as instead of pouring out the contents of the rain barrel anywhere, the water can be put to use in watering your lawn. You can also use this water for your garden, as it is cleaner than water from other sources that may have have been exposed to chemicals.

6. Stop Leaks

Leaks in hoses contribute a surprising amount to the water that is wasted each year during lawn maintenance. The real trouble in leaks is that often they are able to release water without being noticed. The longer it takes to discover them, the more water is wasted. To cut back on this, make sure you are regularly inspecting your watering equipment to ensure you can spot any leaks early on. You can take it one step further if you want and hire a maintenance team to do your lawn work. They will check equipment regularly to ensure that no water is being wasted.  

7. Refrain From Overwatering

Though it may seem easy enough, many homeowners do end up overwatering their lawns on a regular basis. Not only is this practice wasteful, it actually damages your lawn and any plants that may be receiving the abundance of water as well. There are several signs to watch out for that will tell you if you’re overwatering your lawn and that includes the appearance of any weeds or fungus, as well as any increase in bugs or other pests. If you are walking on your lawn and there are puddles or runoff in it, that is another sign of overwatering.

8. Figure Out How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

When it comes time to water your lawn, something that is important to remember is that your grass may not require as much water as other lawns. A number of things contribute to the exact amount of maintenance we need to do and can be the key to saving water. Lawns that are in shaded areas require less water than those that receive a lot of sunlight. North facing lawns require less water than south facing ones and properties with sloped lawns require more frequent watering, but less total water than flat ones. Take into account the details of your lawn and adjust your watering accordingly.  

What time do you water your grass?

Now that you’ve learned the best time to water your grass as well as tips you can use to conserve water when caring for your lawn. Some cost more than others, while still others cost nothing at all. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be reducing your water usage, helping the environment, and saving some money all while keeping your grass nice and healthy..

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