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Blog Apr 20, 2016

8 Energy Savings Ideas Recommended by ENERGY STAR

Energy Saving

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Think you’ve thought of all the ways you can to save energy? We’ve named an awfully large number of them on this blog.

But, new ones always come up. And this time, they come from ENERGY STAR. Here are some ideas they have that maybe you’ve overlooked:

  1. Make sure you have an energy-efficient TV. You’re going to spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Everyone does. So you might as well be efficient when you do. Keep that energy use down to just a handful of dollars per year.
  2. Choose an Energy Star sound system. Who doesn’t have a home theater these days? They’re so affordable! Just make sure you have an energy-efficient one available.
  3. Change the filter for your HVAC system. During periods of heavy use, this should be monthly. When you’re not using your HVAC system as much, you can go up to 2 months. “Heavy use” would be for several hours during the day. “Light use” would be just a day or two each week.
  4. Plug all your electronics into a power strip. Your electronic devices and chargers love to suck energy when you don’t actually use them. It’s too hard to remember to shut them all off one by one. So, do it with just the flick of a switch with your surge protector. Easy.
  5. Choose Energy Star light fixtures. They’re beautiful to look at. And they’re fun to show off to friends and neighbors. You’re probably going to have them on a lot, so make sure you have energy efficient light fixtures.
  6. Turn off your lights, but not your ceiling fans. When you’re done using them, turn off your light bulbs. However, your ceiling fans can be useful in circulating air so your home feels more comfortable.
  7. Think about using an electric heat pump water heater. Your water heater is one of the biggest users of energy in your home. So get rid of that problem by installing an electric heat pump water heater today. You could experience a savings of up to $300 in your first year.
  8. Replace your screens with storm windows. Pretty simple and straightforward why this works here. Get rid of those screens. Get some glass window panes in place.

So some of those tips definitely were the same old, same old. But some definitely were new.

Which were new to you?

Consider using those in your home today. And watch the energy savings roll in.

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