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5 Ways to Improve Air Circulation at Home

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While having an energy efficient home that keeps your electricity bill from skyrocketing is certainly a priority, making sure you are comfortable and living in a healthy space with great air quality is just as important. Breathing in fresh, clean air inside of your home is something that you can actually make a big impact on. Filtering out stagnant air and improving indoor air circulation can be achieved by installing and utilizing existing ventilation systems, using fans and open doors and windows together, and many other tactics. Read below to learn about the various ways you can improve air circulation in your home.

5 Ways to Improve Home Air Circulation

Efficient air circulation is vital for any healthy home because it creates a safer breathing environment, regulates temperature, and filters out pollutants. If the air in your home seems stagnant, there are many things you can do to get a healthy breeze flowing through your home. Whether you are looking for a free habit, want to purchase some air flow devices, or have the ability to invest in amping up your home’s ventilation system, the following steps will help bring fresh air into your home.

1. Open the Windows and Doors

While it is convenient to rely on the thermostat and central air conditioning to adjust the temperature to your comfort level and increase airflow in. your home, it is very important to filter out stale air and bring in fresh air. Weather permitting, one way to do this is to open windows in different rooms and let the breeze inside. Additionally, opening interior and exterior doors promotes a cross flow of indoor air circulation throughout the entire house. The cross ventilation that occurs when air flows from one side of the room and out of the other can help cool your body and remove hot, stale air and the pollutants, allergens and excess moisture that go with it from your home. Another huge benefit of opening the windows and doors instead of relying on your air conditioning is that you are relying on a natural and eco-friendly method for cooling your house, thus saving you money on your electricity bill.

2. Utilize Floor, Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Utilizing floor and ceiling fans to increase indoor air circulation is a great compliment to opening your windows and doors and not relying on your air conditioning for feeling comfortable at home. While it feels as though fans decrease the temperature in the room, they are actually just circulating the air, and if your home is already warm, the fan may just push around hot air. To avoid this, point the fan out an open window so that it can push the hot air outside, allowing for cool air to move inside. Alternatively, you can place a fan across from an open window you can create a cross breeze to cool off the room. Note that fans only cool people, not rooms, so practice energy-efficiency and save more on your electric bill by only using them if someone is in the room. Additionally, installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen is helpful for sucking stale, humid air out of rooms that need extra ventilation. Lastly, you can set your HVAC system to the “fan only” option circulate the interior air pass it through your filter system, helping to cleanse your home.

 3. Rearrange Your Furniture

The way you arrange your furniture throughout your home can make a large impact on the quality of your air circulation. To promote optimal circulation, ensure that you don’t have any furniture blocking the windows and that nothing is placed too close to any of the air vents on the floors, walls, or ceiling. By making these small adjustments and creating a direct pathway for air flow through and around your house, you can greatly improve air circulation in your home.

4. Install an Attic Vent

Installing an attic vent in your house can make a large impact on air circulation, for a lack of attic ventilation often results in trapped stagnant air, moisture and excess heat penetrating the attic floor and affecting the entire house. This home improvement job is best left for a professional contractor, and while you’re at it, installing an attic fan can also help improve air circulation in the attic. Attic fans help draw the indoor air outside of the home and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Improving your attic ventilation, while a financial investment, may help you feel more comfortable in your home.

5. Buy Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

If the lack of humidity or excess of humidity is causing an issue with the air quality of air circulation in your home, you should consider purchasing a humidifier or dehumidifier. Both units feature air filters and fans that will improve air circulation as well as the general quality of air that your household is breathing in by filtering pollutants and continuously renewing and refreshing the air. This can have a positive impact on the comfort and health of the overall household.

Improve Air Circulation in Your Home Today!

Creating a cross breeze with open doors and windows is something you can do today to improve the air quality in your home – and if you already have any ceiling fans or standing fans in your home, all the better. Figuring out the best and most affordable ways to exchange stagnant indoor air for fresh outdoor air is totally possible when combing any of the ventilating tips above. Ensure the functionality and safety of your home by improving its air circulation today!

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