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Waco, TX is a city located between Austin and Dallas that is rich in history and a tourist destination site. It has great places to visit, such as the Sports Hall of Fame Museum, Texas Ranger Museum, Magnolia Silos, to mention a few.

Waco falls under the deregulated markets of Texas, and as such, Waco residents have the right to choose their electricity supplier. Waco’s average household consumption rate per month as of July 2020 stands at 1,633 kWh, which translates to an average bill of $193. This average residential usage rate is way higher (80%) than the national average of 909 kWh per month. Additionally, its average electricity rate is estimated to be around 11.82 cents per kWh.

Waco Electricity Companies

There are numerous electricity providers in the Waco area competing for a space in the crowded Waco electricity market. The good thing about having a competitive energy market is that apart from providing the residents with a variety of options, it also helps to bring the cost of electricity down.

The electricity plans in Waco can be classified into three types, i.e. variable, indexed, and fixed electricity plans. 

Variable rates are calculated based on market prices and are influenced by the changing market forces. Fixed rates, on the other hand, entails a plan with an electricity rate that remains constant for as long as the contract is valid.

These types of plans are usually not affected by the changing market forces. Indexed rates are more or less similar to variable rates with the only difference being the fact that it is bound (indexed) to other factors.

Choosing an electricity supplier in Waco

For you to get value for your money, you need to choose your electricity supplier carefully. Electricity prices in Texas vary depending on your electricity usage per month, supplier bill credits, electricity rates, among many other factors. The rates are categorized into three levels, i.e. 2, 000 kWh, 1000 kWh, and 500 kWh. It is prudent that you understand what category best suits your needs to avoid unnecessary expenses.

It is also advisable that you take the time to go through your electricity contract in detail – read the facts label and only sign it when you are content with the contract details. Look out for information on the price per kilowatt-hour, cost for early termination, other additional charges, type and duration of the contract, among others.

Payless Power’s contribution to Waco’s Electricity Market

Payless Power is a respected electricity provider in Texas that is well known for its affordable, reliable, and customer-friendly prepaid electricity plans. They offer the best ‘pay as you go’ electricity plans that feature offers such as no deposit, no cancellation fees, no credit checks, and no long term contracts.

In Waco, TX, Payless Power distributes prepaid electricity to thousands of households irrespective of their credit history or income. Currently, it has two major prepaid electricity plans for its new customers in Waco, i.e. SmarTricity Premier 12- prepaid plan and SmarTricity Easy choice. These plans have been tailor-made with the consumer in mind – their challenges and expectations as far as electricity usage is concerned.

The SmarTricity Premier 12 – prepaid plan, for instance, was created to solve the issue of the fluctuating electricity rates. The plan is a 12 month fixed prepaid plan with no credit checks and no deposit. It is the ideal plan for anyone who wants to avoid the high summer and winter energy rates. Currently, the rate per 1000kWh is priced at 14 cents per kWh, while the price for electricity usage above 2,000 kWh is 12.9 cents per kWh.

The SmarTricity Easy Choice, which was the initial plan before the Premier 12, was created to give an alternative to the traditional postpaid plan. It offers month to month variable rates and has less stringent requirements as compared to Postpaid electricity plans.

Other benefits of Payless Power electric service include:


Payless Power also offers incentives to its users, especially new customers!                                                                          

How to apply for Payless Power prepaid electricity

To apply for payless power prepaid electricity, the first step is to identify what electricity plan you prefer. Once you’ve selected the plan, the next step is to deposit some funds into your prepaid accounts. Note that is not a deposit as is the case with most traditional plans, rather the amount goes towards payment of your electricity usage. The minimum amount that you are required to pay for the Premier 12 plan is around $70.

I know that some people will cringe upon hearing this amount. You might even ask, “Why should I pay this amount, yet I can pay less than this as a deposit for a postpaid plan?” Well, for one this amount goes directly towards payment of your electricity usage, unlike the postpaid plan where the deposit serves as security.

Secondly, the Premier 12 prepaid plan is a fixed-rate plan and therefore, you are protected from the volatility of the Texas energy market for 12 months. 

After you’ve selected the plan and made the necessary payment, you will then be required to fill out an online application.

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