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Killeen, Texas is a charming, peaceful and lively city. It is strategically located close to three major cities, i.e. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. It was recently ranked as the 5th best place to live in Texas based on its desirability, quality of life, value, job market and net migration. It has an estimated population size of around 152,000 and hosts Fort Hood, one of the prestigious military bases in the US. 

 Just like most cities in Texas, Killeen energy rates rank below the national average. The people of Killeen have the right to choose their electricity supplier – thanks majorly to energy deregulation in most parts of Texas, Killeen included. Deregulation has given the residents of Killeen the right to select the supplier and the type of electricity plan they want.

Electricity Rates in Killeen

Electricity rates in Killeen are dependent on your electricity provider. And ever since energy was deregulated in Texas, there are several Retail Electricity Providers (ERP) that are competing for your business. With the higher number of electricity providers in Killeen, choosing an electricity provider can be quite hard. But if you are looking for an electric company that provides prepaid electricity at an affordable price, then Payless Power is the one for you.

This company has a solid reputation, particularly when it comes to prepaid electricity. They have been in the industry for over 15 years, and therefore they’ve got tons of experience in handling electricity matters. They supply electricity to thousands of households in Texas. Their electricity plans don’t require a deposit, no credit check and no hidden fees. Their goal is to provide quality electricity service to communities at an affordable price.

Electricity Plans in Killeen

When looking for an electricity plan to adopt, some of the electricity plans that you may come across are as follows.

Variable Rate – Plans with variable rates are the one that is influenced by market forces. The rates are not constant – today it’s higher, tomorrow it is lower. The changes are influenced by factors such as high temperature, supply and demand and severe weather conditions. The good thing about it, however, is that it has no early cancellation fee, which means you can switch to a fixed plan or change energy provider during the early stages of the contract.

Fixed-Rate: Fixed-rate type of electricity plan, are the ones that have rates that remain constant all through the contract period. Fixed rates are not affected by market forces – come winter, come summer, the rates remain the same. This means that your electricity bill is heavily dependent on your consumption rate. The higher the consumption rate, the higher the electricity bill.

No deposit – No deposit type of plan is, in most cases, Prepaid plans. Unlike the traditional postpaid electricity contracts that require a deposit, a credit check and long term contract, no deposit plans are the complete opposite. It doesn’t require a deposit and no credit check. You only need to deposit some money on your prepaid account, and you’ll be connected to the electricity grid.

Which company offers the best-prepaid electricity plans in Killeen?

People have different preferences and needs, and therefore determining the best-prepaid plan in Killeen is a bit challenging. So the answer to the question is; it depends on your preferences. Most people look at prices as the benchmark of determining which company or plan is the best. In most cases, the one with the lowest price is considered the best. 

However, one of the common mistakes that most people make is that they only look at the unit cost per kWh and forget that there are other costs like delivery charges that are factored in when calculating the final price. Payless Power is one of the companies with affordable prepaid electricity plans. Its most attractive plan is the SmarTricity Premier 12 prepaid plan which offers 12 months fixed rate. This is quite unique as most prepaid plans are usually month to month and have a variable rate.

Apart from SmarTricity Premier 12, the company also has SmarTricity Easy Choice which like premier 12, requires no deposit, no credit check and offers same-day activation. The only difference between the two is that SmarTricity Easy Choice is a month to month plan with VARIABLE RATE.

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