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Prepaid electricity is a type of electricity plan that allows you to pay for electricity before you start using it. It gives you in control over your bills as you are the one to determine how much to spend on electricity. It is the ideal plan for low-income earners and anyone who wants to save money on electricity bills. In fact,  Payless Power prepaid plans provide you with a 20 percent lowered electricity rate as compared to most postpaid plans.

With a prepaid plan, unpredictable bills are unheard of, as the plan provides you with the option of choosing when to pay and how much to pay. 

Payless Power offers the best-prepaid electricity plans in Houston, TX, with the cheapest electricity rates and the best customer service. It has two best-prepaid plans in the Houston area i.e the Smartricity Easy Choice and the Smartricity Premier 12 plans. The former is a month-to-month variable, no credit check, no deposit prepaid plan while the latter is a fixed rate, no deposit, no credit checks type of plan. One of the main advantages of Smatricity Easy Choice is that it has no cancellation fees and is relatively affordable. It has an activation fee of $75, which goes toward your balance.

Since prepaid plans involve paying before use, electricity bill statements are not sent to you at the end of the billing cycle as is the case with most traditional postpaid plans. Instead, you are required to load your prepaid account with some funds. You can make the payment online via the Payless Power online portal. Alternatively, you can place a standing order or auto pay where a certain amount of money is deducted from your account at a set date. You can also pay using your phone, debit card, credit card, or cash at any of Payless Power’s pay locations.

Is prepaid electricity Cheaper?

Prepaid electricity plans as earlier stated give you control over your budgets. It enables you to decide how much you want to spend on electricity per month. It also prevents you from spending money that you don’t have which is a crucial thing when it comes to debt control. As to whether or not it is cheaper than postpaid, depends on various factors.

One thing that you need to note is that prepaid electricity rates vary, and may or may not be higher than the traditional post-pay plans.

How much you spend on prepaid plans is fully dependent on your behavior and habits. Being conscious of your energy usage and eliminating unnecessary energy usage, will help reduce your energy cost. Uncontrolled usage, on the other hand, will lead to high electricity bills. So, in a nutshell, prepaid plans provide you with the tools and incentives you require to enhance your home electricity efficiency and reduce the amount of money you use on electricity.

Another good thing with prepaid electric plans is that you don’t require a deposit and by the virtue of you paying beforehand, means that there are no late payment fees.

Electric companies TX that don’t require a deposit

Ever since energy was deregulated in Texas, many electric companies emerged leading to competitiveness in electricity prices. These companies offer different electricity plans. Some offer prepaid plans while others have stuck with the traditional post-pay plans. Some companies offer both.

No deposit electricity plans is a feature common in most prepaid electricity plans. However, some prepaid electricity companies require you to achieve certain parameters for you to be considered for their no deposit prepaid plans. These companies may require you to have a good payment history, must have subscribed to the plan for a certain number of months, and a history of prompt payments.

With a high number of electricity companies, it becomes a bit challenging to choose an electricity provider. However, to make the task easy for you, the best and most affordable prepaid plans are the ones offered by Payless Power.

Payless Power has been in the Texas energy market for over 15 years and therefore they have a lot of experience when it comes to prepaid electricity. Their prepaid electricity plans require no deposit, no credit checks, and no identification documents. They have the best plan for anyone who due to one reason or another has ‘no so good’ credit score. The 15 years of experience is also proof of their reliability and good customer care. Their expertise in the energy sector, particularly prepaid services is second to none.

Where to buy prepaid electricity online

One of the easiest and convenient ways of subscribing to a prepaid electricity plan is through the online platform. All you need to do is to recharge your account through either your phone or online platform. You can also make use of auto-pay to ensure that your account is always loaded.

For your online payment, you will first have to create an account by filling an online form. If you have any challenges filling the form or with any of the registration processes, you can always contact Payless Power customer care.

The beauty of online registration and payment is that you can easily monitor your electricity usage in the comfort of your home. You can also check your account balance and download your electricity statement. Apart from the online follow-up, you will still get daily balance and electricity usage alerts. With the simplified online payment and monitoring platform, Payless Power enables you to take charge of your electricity usage and avoid price shocks.

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