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Payless Power Vs Direct Energy

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Switching from Direct Energy?

Thinking of making the switch to Payless Power or one of the other Direct Energy competitors?
We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you. Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Payless Power and Direct Energy, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts from current Payless Power customers who have made the switch.

1) Our customer service is far better than Direct Energy

Tired of waiting on the phone, dealing with rude reps and being offered more packages instead of results? Payless Power offers some of the best customer service in the energy industry. Our reps are trained to always put the customer first and be as courteous and polite as possible. Direct Energy users have reported rude behavior from reps. In addition, Payless Power gives it’s reps the opportunity to work with clients through payment plans, whereas users report that Direct Energy doesn’t allow their customer reps to do the same.

2) You won’t find any surprises on your monthly bill

With Payless Power, you’re in control of how much you spend on electricity. Our customers love the daily text messages we send out, letting them know exactly what they spend and how much they have left.

Direct Energy’s typical plans rely on a postpaid model, which you pay after the month for electricity that you’ve already used, keeping how much you’re paying for electricity at the bottom of your mind. You then pay via AutoPay, which allows you to have your payments deducted from your bank account or credit card can be very convenient, with it, you’ll never pay attention to how much your energy bill is costing you, often leaving you with a big surprise at the end of the month.
One customer complained about their rates going up from $7 a day to $20 and only found out about it when she got her bill. With Payless Power, you always know what you’re spending, and the power is always in your hands.

The other issue with their pricing model is that it encourages more electricity usage. As one customer put it “They would prefer you waste resources and use more kWh than sign up for a plan and use less”.

3) No need for a Credit Check or Deposit

Most electric companies ask for huge upfront deposits to be paid before they activate your power. With Payless Power there are no deposits needed to get started. Everyone gets approved right away. In addition, our prepaid service requires minimal personal information in order to get set up. We require no credit check, no social security number, and no other personal information. The only thing we need, is your name, a contact phone number for text messages or an email address, and account security information.
Direct Energy’s typical plans require a credit check and Utility Payment Data, which is based on their history of paying utility bills in order to assess risk and decide if you require a deposit.

4) Get your electricity on the same day you sign up

With Payless Power you can get your electricity turned on in minutes. In fact many of our clients are surprised at how quickly the whole process is. So whether you’re moving to a new place or just switching providers, we can get your home up and running in no time. Direct Energy relies on Oncor’s policies and can’t turn on power once it’s past 5 pm.

5) No Cancellation Fee or Early Termination Fee

With our plans, there are no late fees. You get daily notifications about your account usage and balance, so you always know how much balance you have left, and can pay in small increments instead of one giant bill. With Direct Energy’s typical plans, you need to pay your bill in one lump sum and if you’re late in your billing, they’ll charge you a 5% late payment charge of your past due balance.

6) No Long Term Contracts

As a prepaid provider, we don’t lock you into a long contract. You just pay month to month and should you decide to move or switch providers, you can choose to do so at any time, with no cancellation fees. Direct Energy’s contracts run for 12 and 24 months and can cost you hundreds of dollars if you  cancel before the end of the contract.

7) Clear Pricing and Fees

Our plans are clear and straightforward, you pay a cheap rate for your electricity and you use it. Direct Energy relies heavily on various gimmicks and offers that are packaged with their plans. These range from cash back offers, free nights, seasonal discounts and gift cards for signing up. These end up just mudding the waters and making the decision far more confusing than it needs to be.
In one case a customer signed up to their services with promises of an amazing rate. fast forward 1 year and they fond themselves paying $20 per day for electricity.

What our customers are saying

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Affordable and easy to make payments

I was worried about getting electricity for my home through a prepaid company. I was calling around to see different rates then going through all the hassle of credit checks while dropping points each…

Christine M. in Killeen

Happy Customer

I have been with this company for several years and have been very happy since. Even when I moved, they made my usually stressful situation very easy and carefree. I recommend them to everyone that I…

Julia L. in Webster

Long term customer

I have enjoyed the service for 2 years now. In the beginning this service was planned to be temporary but with the service being so effective for me i decided to keep it for the long haul. I’m a happy customer.

Kalandra H. in McKinney