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No Deposit Electricity Dallas

No deposit electricity Dallas

Some of the requirements that you need to have for you to be enrolled in most electricity service in Dallas includes; a driver’s license or a social security number. For people with bad credit or poor credit scores, some extra paperwork and refundable deposit might also be needed.

You see, you might have a good credit score right now but things can quickly change. Things can happen to you that you didn’t plan for e.g. divorce, a medical-related issue, or a job-related matter and you find yourself having a bad credit score. And with a low credit score, it becomes a bit challenging to afford electricity as most Dallas Electric companies demand high electricity deposit fees (upwards of $400) that are not practically achievable by most people. This is the main reason why no deposit, no credit check plan is gaining popularity in Dallas.

No deposit, no credit check prepaid plans makes it possible for you to enroll for electricity service for as low as $39 depending on the size of your house. This is quite affordable compared to the high deposit some of the traditional tariffs charges which are around 30% to 40% higher than the no-deposit plans.

So, who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas?

Finding an electricity company that offers the cheapest electricity rate in Texas is not that easy. One thing that you need to know when looking for the cheapest electricity plan is that; you shouldn’t take them (electricity rates) on the face value or rather, electricity rates are not what they appear to be, there is more to it.

For example, you would easily think that a 9.3¢ per kWh electricity plan is the cheapest compared to one that has a rate of 9.8¢ per kWh. This is not necessarily true. There are other charges and fees that some electric companies’ demand, which when added to the advertised rates, makes the price way more expensive. It is advisable for you to read through all the details, especially the fine prints in the terms and condition section of the contract, before settling in on an electricity supplier.

That said however, there are companies that genuinely advertise their true rates – without hidden fees or charges. One such company is Payless Power Company, which majorly offers prepaid plans. This company has two major electricity plans and they are; the SmarTricity easy choice plan and the SmarTricity Premier 12 plan.

The SmarTricity easy choice plan is a month to month variable rate electricity plan. The good thing about this plan is that it has no cancellation charges and requires a small activation fee of $49. It is tailor-made for those consumers who require flexibility and have a tight budget. This however, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suit consumers who are in for the long term; rather, it is a plan that can be adopted by all consumers across the board, particularly those with tight budgets.

Note that your rate per kilowatt-hour is more than what is offered by the Premier 12 plan. And after the first billing, the price per kilowatt-hour may change. The rates are completely under the discretion of Payless Power.

The Premier 12 plan on the other hand, is a 12 month fixed electricity plan. This means that whatever rate that was used to calculate your bill during the first billing cycle, is the same rate that’ll be used in calculation of the bill in the 2nd all through to the 12th month. This makes it easy to pay your monthly bills. Its strength/benefit is that it requires no credit checks and no deposit while its weakness is the fact that you will need to pay a cancellation fee of around $40 if you opt out. You are also required to pay a minimum subscription charge of $75.

In addition to these plans, Payless Power also has the popular Flex Pay Plan that enables you to reload your prepaid account at your convenience. You also get to receive a daily email or text notifications of your daily energy usage, account balance, and energy cost.

Save money with Payless Power Dallas

Payless Power SmarTricity plans, makes it possible for any house, apartment, or trailer with a smart meter to be connected to electricity within a day without deposit, ID or any other form of identification. While other electric companies in Dallas require a significant amount of deposit, Payless power only requires a small activation fee which all goes directly to pay for your energy usage.

The smart meter technology combined with the daily text or email alerts; provide real-time information on energy usage, which helps you to know when your prepaid balance is running low. Other benefits of Payless prepaid plans include; secure and reliable customer portal that you can use to top-up and check your balance, simple digital payment options such as Mastercard, Visa or Discover, easy payments through MoneyGram, consistent 24-7 automated phone system, no long term commitments or contracts and a quick power connection (usually within minutes of sign-up)

Do all energy suppliers do credit checks?

Virtually, all energy providers conduct a credit check on new customers. However, as stated earlier, there are some electricity plans e.g deposit electricity plans or prepaid plans that do not necessarily require a credit check.

But why should they do this? You ask.

Well, there are several reasons why energy suppliers do a credit check on you. One of the key reasons is to ascertain that indeed you are who you say you are. It also confirms that you stay in the house where you want the electricity connected. So, it is to majorly prevent fraud.

Another secondary reason why credit checks are conducted is for the determination of risk. Basically, your energy provider wants to know whether or not you are high or low risk before they get into an agreement with you. It simply offers proof that you can meet your expenses.

In conclusion, Payless no deposit prepaid plan, doesn’t require much in terms of personal information and therefore credit check is not necessary. With this no deposit electricity plan, you don’t have to worry about contract duration, credit check, and anything of that sort. All you need to do is to open an account and load it with some money and you are good to go.

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