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Who Has The Best Electricity Rates In Texas And Other FAQs About Electricity In The Lone Star State

Wondering who has the best electric rates in Texas? Payless Power’s mission is to connect you to the cheapest electricity companies in the entire state. Below, we’ve answered the most popular questions asked by existing and potential customers to give your more information as you consider signing up with us.

How does Payless Power access the cheapest rates in Texas?

Power consumers in Texas are lucky because of the deregulation of electricity throughout the state. Approved back in 2002, deregulation means that 85% of electricity customers get to choose whichever provider they want. Payless Power leverages this, working with principal utilities in more than 400 communities throughout Texas to connect you with the lowest rates. Call our customer care number at 866-963-9353 to make sure that you live in a deregulated community that we service.

How does Payless Power work?

For home or business, Payless Power is the sensible, convenient way to go. You’ll start by contacting one of our friendly, bilingual customer service representatives at 866-963-9353. You can choose either prepaid or traditional service, depending on what works best for your budget and lifestyle. If you choose prepaid (pay-as-you-go), we’ll have a smart meter installed in your home or office to help you stay on top of daily usage, enabling same-day connection.

Regardless of the plan you choose, we don’t require any deposits, credit checks, or long-term contracts to obtain electricity service in the Lone Star State. Getting service through Payless Power couldn’t be easier.

Can I pay my past due balance to get reconnected?

While Payless Power hopes you never experience a service interruption, we require a payment of the negative balance plus $35.00 and any past due deferred plan installments to trigger the reconnection order. Once your account balance is brought back to at least $35.00, service will usually be restored within 2 hours, barring any technical issues with your meter. Delays may also occur if the reconnection request is issued outside of regular business hours.

How long does it take to connect service?

If your home has a standard smart meter, new service will usually be connected in 4 to 6 hours. However, there may be delays if the meter cannot be activated remotely or if a permit is required by your city. If your order is not submitted until after 6:30 PM, service may be delayed until the following operational day.

How long does it take to reconnect service?

Service will usually be reconnected within 2 hours unless the meter cannot receive the reconnection signal remotely. In these cases, a technician will have to travel to your home, which may push reconnection back to the following operational day.

How do I cancel service?

Please note that your account is not automatically cancelled once funds are depleted or when a disconnection occurs. The account will remain open, and additional charges may accrue. To cancel service, please call our customer care department during regular business hours so we may confirm your identity. Once your final invoice is generated, you will be eligible for a refund of any remaining balance.

Where can I make a payment?

Payless Power has thousands of cash payment locations around the country, allowing you to make a cash payment even when travelling out of state. Check out our payment locator for an updated list of locations near you.

What is a switch-hold?

A switch-hold is a block placed on your meter by your retail electric provider due to either a deferred payment plan or tampering charges. These deferred charges or tampering fees must be paid in full to remove a switch-hold. If you are a new tenant trying to remove a switch-hold belonging to a previous resident, please call customer care at 888-963-9363, and a representative will walk you through the process of lifting the hold.

How long does it take to remove a switch-hold?

Payless Power will submit the request to remove the switch-hold once all of the required documentation is received and approved. Switch-hold removals submitted before 1:00 PM will be released by 8:00 PM that evening on TDSP operational days. Switch-hold removals submitted after 1:00 PM will be removed by 12:00 PM the following operational day.

I just started service. Why haven’t I received a text update?

The Payless Power billing system cannot issue account balance updates until we receive confirmation that the service has been turned on by your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP). Once we receive notice that your account status has changed to “active,” you will begin receiving your daily updates the following morning.

What information is required to access the account?

For security purposes, we ask that you be able to confirm the name, service address, phone number, and date of birth registered on the account.

Can I change the name on my account?

We will change a maiden name to a married name on an account and vice versa if you provide official documentation. However, we cannot transfer service from one person to another. If necessary, the person requesting the transfer can open a new account in his or her own name. For more details and regulations, please contact customer care at 888-963-9363.

How do I add an authorized user?

While we can’t transfer services between customers, you can certainly add a new authorized user! Please contact customer care at 888-963-9363 to initiate this service.

How do I transfer my service to a new address?

Payless Power cannot “transfer” service, but we can create a new account for you at your new address. Please call us at 888-963-9363 during regular business hours for assistance.

How do I change my contact information?

Please contact customer care at 888-963-9363 to update your contact information, including billing address, phone number, and/or email address.

How does your billing work?

Payless Power offers a convenient prepaid electric utility service, which means you will not receive a paper bill for your electric usage at the end of the month. Instead, you will place funds in your account in advance of your usage. Payless Power then receives daily meter reads and prepares a daily invoice each morning. These daily charges are deducted from your available account balance, and a text or email is sent to you showing the charges and your remaining funds. Using prepaid energy is similar to putting gas in your car: you “fill up your tank” by adding funds to your Payless Power account, and keep an eye on the “gauge” to determine when you need to refuel before the balance falls below $0.00.

Also, please note that our billing runs two days in arrears. For example, we would receive a meter read on Tuesday evening reporting power usage for the preceding Monday. The Payless Power billing system then calculates your charges early Wednesday morning and subtracts these charges at that time, so the invoice you receive Wednesday morning bills you for usage on Monday. These dates are included in your text updates to prevent any confusion.

Do you accept state-issued child support debit cards?

Payless Power does accept state-issued child support debit cards if they contain Visa or MasterCard logos. Keep in mind that the state’s bank requires an exact address match for the card to be approved, so double-check that the billing address on your card perfectly matches the billing address listed on your Payless Power account.

What other cards do you accept?

We accept debit and credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover logos. We do not accept American Express at this time.

I made a payment, but didn’t get a confirmation text. What do I do?

If you have not received a confirmation code via text or email, there could be a problem with the payment. Please contact customer care at 888-963-9363 or email us after normal business hours.

For personal protection when emailing, only include the last four digits of the card number. We can easily research the payment using just these four digits, the date, and amount of the payment.

Can I get a paper bill?

As an exclusive prepaid electric provider, Payless Power does not issue paper bills. However, we can send you a daily account balance update via email or text to keep you fully informed of your usage. We can also send an automatic summary of usage and payments on the first day of every month with a validated email address on file.

How much can I save with prepaid electric service?

Due to the fluctuations of electricity rates, we can’t give you a firm number for what you’ll be saving. But we can tell you that our customers happily report saving up to 27% compared to other electricity plans and providers! We help you access low kilowatt-hour (kWh) rates around the state, which helps you save automatically. Furthermore, prepaid electricity gives you control because you only pay for what you use. Daily usage notifications also keep you in the know about how much power you consume, so you can take steps to conserve electricity.

Does Payless Power provide service in my community?

More than 400 communities throughout Texas are deregulated. To see if you live in a deregulated community and can receive Payless Power services, check out this list.

It’s only going to get hotter in Texas. Stop wondering who has the cheapest rates in Texas, and let Payless Power do the work for you. SHOP RATES today for our prepaid electricity service, and feel better about your power bill.

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